Friday, February 27, 2015

why start humblet?

random doodles from lightyears ago

When I was first advised by the doctor to work from home, I didn't think much of it. I figured a month-long break would give my body enough time to reboot and that I'll start work again in no time. However, its' now month number four and I'm still not allowed to go back to the office. Not for the lack of trying, which only resulted in vomiting, blurry vision and a whole bunch of 'I told you so.'

Perhaps for some, not having to go to work is dream come true but I love my job. So much so, I hardly find work 'work' at all. I look forward to getting out of bed, ideas come to me at night so often I have a scribble pad next to my bed. I get energised when I'm with students and bounce of the walls when we do brainstorming in the office. But I digress. . .

Here I am, in the prime years of my working life slammed with another 3 months of 'strongly advised to work from home and avoid excessive movement'. Complain I might have, but when that was done I decided I was going to learn to be grateful and steward / utilise my time well. Hence, I've begun a more fixed daily schedule which does include 'going to work', brainstorming sketch time interspersed with many mini meal times since I can't seem to eat a full meal without throwing up.

Blogging seems like something so outdated amongst my peers and even on the social media front, yet I felt drawn to it. Maybe as a teacher, nothing is more therapeutic than writing, but I think more importantly I wanted a space where I could record and later reflect upon this 'work from home' season.

Why humblet? Well, this entire house arrest began with two lines on a pregnancy test, a non-viable feotus scare, mango-sized cyst and a major operation. Suffice to say, the little one (whom we fondly refer to as 'humblet') survived and this whole experience has left us humbled and in awe. If you'd like to read about humblet's full story, you can read that story in my next blog post.

You're more than welcome to join me in this journey. Although I shan't be rash and promise weekly posts, I can assure each post will be honest and ocassionally witty.


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