Friday, March 13, 2015

Million Dollar Children

strange posed photographs in the 90s, check out the car behind us!

When the newspapers published an article that it took about a million dollars to raise a child in Singapore, I was completely appalled. Nope, not having children. But they also told me a wedding would cost about fifty thousand dollars, whilst ours cost about a quarter of that. 

I'm scared, really scared about this whole insane motherhood journey. Yet, one thing I know for sure - J.G. and I want to maintain the discipline of living off one suitcase worth of belongings and we'd probably bring up humblet in the same way. 

A huge thank you to all the mothers, uncles and aunties who have been with us in the journey so far. We've been offered a cot, a stroller, unisex second-hand clothing and so much more. 

Today, I just wanted to share these wise words from my friend. She's a mother of three, so I take her parenting thoughts very seriously. If you grew up wearing your older sibling's hand me downs, this is for you - 

Our children may not have worn designer clothing or branded stuff. But they've always had a t-shirt on their back (unless, of course, like all children they sometimes would much rather run around naked).

Our children may not have feasted at expensive restaurants but they've always been well fed. (Though I must say they do enjoy some fancy food like cod, strawberries, cherries and the like).

Our children may not have the latest gadgets and toys to play with. But they love the pool, park and playground. And have become really independent and muscular from climbing all those bars and working out all the time.

Children actually don't need a lot of material things. What they would crave is your time and attention, love and affection. Because that means the world to them!

Have a great weekend!


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