Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings

My face when I'm woken up on Monday

Monday blues are certainly a pain, every single week. . . Instagram reminds me of it. The office atmosphere stinks of it. The zombies I pass in the train and bus on the way to work tells me its MONDAY. But, do they really have to be so blue?

To be honest, Mondays were hard enough to handle already. After which, J.G. had to have his off day adjusted to Monday, resulting in greater inertia (already sloth-like) part. Here are some ways I beat those blues -

1. Sunday is the first day of the week

This might sound like doing nothing, but psychologically man. . . I'm telling you. There's something about starting the week waking up without the alarm, taking time to enjoy breakfast and maybe even throw in afternoon nap. Wow. I mean, try it! Doesn't even cost you anything. Just switch your calendar orientation and try getting it round your head.

2. Don't go to sleep any earlier on Sunday

When we attempt to sleep earlier on a Sunday, we often spend more of the time tossing, turning, getting frustrated and finally getting no more sleep at all. Our bodies are not accustomed to sleeping so early. Unless you sleep at before ten everyday, like someone I know. . .

Instead, start relaxing your mind earlier. Avoid action movies, intense gaming and social media scrolling. Chill without your tech. Read a book or a magazine. Have some fruits at the window or take a walk in the park. Slow down earlier, then go to bed about the same time as you would usually, you might find it a whole lot easier to fall asleep!

3. Mondays are planning days

There is so much inertia to get to work on Mondays because we feel like there's a mountain waiting for us at the office. The fact of the matter is, while there might be a mountain to scale, you just need to schedule your climb. Where possible, I spend slightly under an hour on Monday sorting my week out. Phone calls, clients, programmes and presentations maybe. Once everything is on paper, suddenly the peak doesn't look too far away. Also, it prevents me from burning out too fast, too soon.

Its my bedtime, so I'll keep today's musing short. Hope it helps some of you Monday haters out there!


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