Saturday, March 7, 2015


photos suspended on our bedroom wall


Most Saturday mornings are spent staring out the windows while J.G. sleeps... We have an unsaid agreement to sleep in on Saturdays, but I am plagued with this condition called - a morning person. Prior to being married, I would normally wake up at five in the morning, fully energised and ready to go. That being said I'm also usually in bed by nine, nine-thirty every night. Yes, its been alluded to me many times that I have the same sleep pattern as a five-year old. Point is, a new home meant new house rules, unspoken or not. Does your home have house rules? 

#1 Draw the curtains & open the windows
We live in Singapore where its summer all year round, at times it gets all warm and stuffy indoors. Also as children, we were both privileged to live in big homes with front yards and gardens to run around in. Living in a flat can be suffocating if we're not careful, so when both of us are home, we make sure curtains are fully drawn and windows are wide open. 

Although we bought the house prior to viewing it, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our living room and master bedroom were unblocked allowing in lots of sunshine and natural wind. But, the miracle house is another story for another time. 

#2 Less is more
A wise friend shared this simple advice while we were going through pre-marital counselling - 

live simply, so that others may simply live. 

These words have somehow changed not just the way we decided on our home, it also affected our attitude towards giving. It was easy to decide on the furnishing of our home, we decided on which items to us was non-negotiable. For him, his desktop for work slash gaming, the length & height of the bed (he's 189cm tall) and a L-shaped leather sofa. For me, a standing work desk, a solid wood dining table set and vinyl floors. Everything else was easy, or rather, there was hardly anything else.

We kept shelving and storage to a minimum for fear we'd have too much. We did away with the frills of decorations knowing that gifts would find their way to embellish our home. Also, we agreed not to have a TV and if we ever got one, not to place it in the main hall. That space is reserved for sharing, eating and enjoying friends and family time. 

I mentioned the quote changed our giving. For us it used to be, let's give away what is we have too much of. We received two bottles of wine, we give away one. But now the new mantra is - we give away what we can do without (which is increasingly almost everything). Clothing, kitchenware, food, bath towels etc. How much can two people use?

In our latest attempt at less is more, we've decided never to purchase anymore hangers. The moment we hit maximum capacity, it's time to pack and donate. 

#3 Pillow talk
Like most young Singaporeans, we would be scrolling away on our phones till one of us announced that it was time to go brush our teeth. At which point, we would begin the childish game of rushing to the toilet and seeing who would get to the sink first. After this episode of pushing and shoving, in which J.G. usually wins just by sheer mass, phones would be put aside and we would talk.

Inspired by his twin brother, we own this silly (personal opinion) remote which allows us to control the light settings in the master bedroom. It will be turned to the dimmest setting and we would share stuff about our day, or plans for the next morning etc. There's always something to talk about really, but at times we would just enjoy the silence in companionship especially after very long hectic days. 

No matter how tired we were, we'd do this as a discipline. On rough days when we could have exchanged harsh words, this became a precious time to say sorry as rule #4 is to never go to bed angry with one another. 


Do you have unspoken house rules between your parents or your spouse? I'd love to hear some of those too! Hope you're having a great weekend, I think its time to brush my teeth now. 


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