Saturday, March 14, 2015


Frankie Sunglasses by Quay

Take cover!

In Singapore, apart from a few bouts of temperamental showers, we experience Summer all year round. If there were an area in my life I could deem as vaguely fashion-worthy, that would probably be shades. Tortoise shell, jade or matte black. Wayfarers, aviators and their counterparts. The moment I walk past an optical shop with an open display I must try a few, just for the fun of it.

Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider getting a pair (or two) -

1. Eye health

These guys prevent glare and help lessen the chances of dry eyes. If you get a better quality lenses, they even lessen the damage of UV rays. You might think you're too young now to be a victim, but wearing sunglasses also lower the risk of cataract in future.

2. Road safety

Well for obvious reasons, its difficult to drive on a very sunny day. Shades reduce the glare and allow for a more comfortable driving experience.

But this is one advice you have to try it to believe it - in the midst of a downpour, wearing sunglasses improves visibility. I have no idea how this work scientifically, but I assure you it does! You can read the full explanation here.

3. Face-saving measure

Woke up late this morning? Eye-bags to the ground?

On days when you are too lazy to do anything with your face, just put on shades and you're done! But please wear sunblock, always wear sunblock. There are somethings we ought to never compromise. Shades do much more than cover up, they give your entire look a focal point and for some, its a confidence booster as well.

Either way, this post does not justify you buying anymore shades Ames. . . *ahem*
Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend! Seeing lots of happiness from the extra holiday announcement, unity is found in extra public holidays. Whee~


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