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My Bed: a love story

I'm not a very fussy sleeper, perhaps ravaged by the years I've backpacked, I'm able to sleep almost anywhere. On a chair, under a table, on the mountain road in a bumpy van and sometimes. . .very extremely rarely, in the toilet. But ever since we've been married, I've been spoilt rotten by this posture-pedic, customised, two-meter in length, thirteen-inch mattress that J.G. ordered.

Never would I have admitted to that fact, until I got hospitalised and had to move back in with my mum for several weeks. At first, I blamed sleepless nights on the cramps and pains from the operation, but when those went away, I still found it really hard to sleep. That's when I knew something was really wrong with me. . .

Here are my scattered takes on beds and bedrooms, if you'd like to read -

1. The bedroom is for sleeping

By obeying this rule, the bed then ought to be the centre piece of your room. Not a huge tempting flat screen HD television or a gaming console (just saying). Neither should it be a minefield, I've been to friends' homes where they have to carefully tiptoe through a array of toy soldiers, dinosaurs, toys cars and the like. Even though they are in bed, everything around them continues to feel like a war zone.

Conversely, there's this cute young couple I know who have two toddlers who sleep in their own room and pack their toys before bed. The most endearing thing about these guys is that they have a sleep in Saturday rule - the kids are banned from climbing into their bed on Saturdays but must instead wait for them to come out. My friends spent the first few Saturdays peeping in on their kids, but since then they've had restful sleep-ins~ How wonderful.

2. Dark room white sheets

Think about it, what makes a hotel room so inviting every single time?

The darkness conditions our body to tune down, that's why sleep therapists often recommend eye masks to patients who suffer from insomnia. In our home, we have the silly remote I mentioned in this post, well it allows us to have three different light settings. So we put it on the dimmest mode half an hour before bed. It signals to us to slow down and relax, this works wonders especially if we've had a small argument earlier in the evening.

You may think that dark walls give your room a very narrowing feel, but more than that it brings warmth and a sense of homeliness. Try it! Even painting one wall in a darker shade works wonders. I mean look at this beautiful navy blue room!

from a cup of jo blog

White sheets seems contradictory to the philosophy of a dark room, yet you know what I'm talking about don't you? The moment you open the door to your resort villa you want to jump into the white fluffy bed. Even if it were actually a stiff and squeaky bed, there's something magical about white sheets.

3. A high bed

I don't mean 'the Princess and the Pea' type of high bed, but preferably one that agrees with your knees. Those with bad backs know how important it is to have a high bed. Once you swing your legs off, a high bed put a lot less pressure on your back and knees because you're almost upright.

My bed is way too high for me, I almost have to jump off. But that's because I married a giant, its my own fault. Either way, sleeping on a bed that's too low or even sleeping on the floor means a lot more work getting up, but its a lot less hazardous if you have the tendency to roll off.


Off to work! Thanks for stopping by. . . will do a post on my own nest soon once we get the nursery sorted out. Have a great weekend!


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