Saturday, March 28, 2015


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Blazers: Do or don't?

Having totally overslept this morning, I scrambled to put an outfit together when J.G. suddenly suggested a brunch cafe for lunch rather than our usual coffee shop go-to. I'd half forgotten that I could no longer fit into any of my shorts, neither could I squeeze into my skinny Levis, which is a nightmare story for another post.

Either way, I pulled a simple cotton t-shirt dress over my head and rolled my eyes at how shabby I looked in comparison with his work outfit (yes, he works on weekends).

Whenever I feel the need to be a little more 'dressed up', my first instinct is always to grab a blazer. Here's why -

1. Blazers are formal

They make any shabby, casual outfit look just a little more sleek. They give your outfit a focal point and broaden sloppy shoulders. As a result, you look smarter and your entire stance looks more confident than before.

In my uni days, I used to wear a simple staple of t-shirts, denim shorts and sneakers to school. On days when I had a dinner or movie date thereafter, I'd just throw on a blazer and it would shift the school girl image to a more semi-formal date night one. Sneakers and blazers. Why not?

Ever walked into office with a party dress having forgotten you had a client to meet? Just put a blazer on it and you're immediately professional.

2. Blazers are versatile

Let's be real, this is a warm country. It's impractical to be wearing a blazer everywhere and in comparison with a sweater or a pullover, a blazer is so much easier to put on and take off when the scene changes. Plus it looks great even when its folded in your arms, something about the structured make of every blazer. Another way to put on a blazer casually is to simply drape it on your shoulders, but that requires skill to keep it from falling off.

3. Baby bump camouflage

This barely there baby bump is starting to annoy me, or rather people who stare with questioning looks are starting to annoy me. Is she pregnant or does she have a premature beer belly? Should I give up my seat or hold the door open for her?

Since there's such a crisis, I shall just make the effort to disguise while I can. And a blazer does that easily. Removing the focus off the waistline and giving my sides a formal yet flowy feel.


Today's casual cafe get up

As you can see, I'm totally into this blazer / coat / jacket thingy. If you've never owned a blazer, perhaps its time you give it a shot. Happy weekend!


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