Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The First Trial-mester

'Dear, I think the second line is appearing. . . ' said J.G.

Here is the full account of the first trimester, because of the huge amount of content, I've put in sub-headings to aid you. For those who are not interested in the details, feel free to scroll down to read the triumphant ending~ For all who visited me or sent me your well wishes, thank you, my heart was strengthened by your love.


When you're not planning to have baby, you don't think much of a pregnancy test (or maybe I should use the term 'I'), so when we first ran the stick test, I happily left the room thinking I should just get on with my life. To my horror confusion, less than a minute later, J.G. (the husband) says very suspiciously, 'I think the second line is appearing'. Followed by random shouting, hair grabbing, punching and hugs of joy? I have no idea. Suffice to say, it went by in a blur and when we finally settled down we decided the next plan of action - find a gynaecologist.

It was the busy Christmas season, but we did were graciously squeezed in by a colleagues' recommended gynae on the morning of Christmas Eve. As it was extremely last minute, I went alone. We thought it was going to be a simple confirmation of pregnant and not pregnant.

Gynae visit #1
Doc began the ultrasound scan, but after 30 seconds of silence I knew something was amiss because the scan wasn't picking up anything. He said we were going to try a different type of scan and sent me to get changed. After this was done, he sat me up and told me very gently he was very sorry but he could not find signs of a foetus, instead there was a large cyst in my right ovary. This, he added meant that even if there was a foetus, the pregnancy might be non-viable due to the high possibility of miscarriage.


A. No baby
B. Large Cyst
C. Non-viable pregnancy

Gynae visit #2
We were advised to get a second opinion, so we got another recommendation and got ourselves a sympathy slot on the eve of New Year's Eve. Almost a week passed, we were hoping that the cyst would have vanished on its own somehow by this time. But nooooo, it had actually grown in size -_-
Thankfully, the foetus could be picked up by the scan this time, this meant it too had grown! Hooray!

I may appear overly optimistic at times, but from news of a non-viable pregnancy to seeing that leaping heartbeat on the screen was miracle enough for us.

Weeks 5 - 10
The doctor quickly sent us for further tests and immediately advised for me to stop work. The first trimester was a critical period for development and the cyst would begin to get very uncomfortable.

Symptoms of the ovarian cyst begin to plague me in these early weeks of humblet's growth. While baby grew steadily to about 4 cm, the cyst was aggressively expanding its territory to a whooping 10 cm in diameter. I started throwing up after every meal and lose energy quickly with the ever-increasing cramps caused by the cyst contorting itself. Work, even from home became impossible because I could hardly muster enough strength to sit upright. Scans were now done on a weekly basis. Scarily enough, the cyst continued to grow with each passing day.

Hell Week
When the 23rd of January arrived, I realised that I could no longer walk without support. Eating became near impossible and so did sleeping, as any wrong move resulted in immense pain.

We did have an operation scheduled for February, but the doctor warned us that any more waiting and the cyst may rupture which would be very hazardous. We were torn. Humblet was barely 11 weeks old and the operation was risky because the two were so close by.

27th Jan was the new scheduled operation date. At the point, nearly every relative and close friend knew about the situation and many rallied around us in prayer.

The Triumphant Ending
The end of the cyst that is.

2.5 hours were spent in the operating theatre, excavation of the now 12 cm cyst were under-way, there were minor complications due to the cyst stubbornly refusing to be extracted. However, these are inconsequential information. As I was being rolled into the ward, all I could hear was, 'the baby is okay, the baby did very well and is completely unharmed.' It was a very happy evening for us all.


From non-viable pregnancy to relentless warrior, the story of humblet's first trial-mester.

Many who know me are fully aware that I not very child friendly, I avoid carrying infants, I walk briskly away from crying children and I most certainly do not enjoy kid birthday parties. But I can tell you, after all that, I'm beginning to be very fond of humblet and I'm even starting to look forward to his / her arrival in August.

Until then, I hope I will be daily grateful, humbled and awed by this precious gift. And, rather than constantly looking forward to the future, to instead enjoy every moment every step of the way (yes, morning sickness and fainting spells included). For who are we to think we deserve only the good and not the bad. . .



  1. Stay strong Miss Tan! Glad to hear the good news. :) Btw, this blog is pretty cool. :)

    -Li Sin (tkss 4b)

  2. Amy, you're stronger than you think!! 加油!! Congratulations to Jonathan and you!!

    1. Hahaha hey Janice. With God all things are possible ^^ Thanks so much!

  3. Aww man! Congrats Ms tan! God's so faithful . Praying for a smooth 2nd and 3rd trimester for you!

    1. HEYE Olivia ^^ Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your prayers ^^

  4. Ms Tan congrats! I hope your second and third trimesters are good to you :DDDD

    1. Still vomiting like a tap. But still. . . I'm going to be a mum. . .help.

  5. We love because HE loves us first. He's getting you ready to be a MUM!!
    Congrats!! You'll be a great mum and Humblet will continue to grow with you.