Saturday, April 4, 2015

Baby Bumps

For this Saturday, I decided to do a Baby Bumps update instead off the usual home / wardrobe posts since I've been thinking a lot about humblet since the gender reveal. You can read the first baby bumps post here and the full pregnancy story here.

the halfway mark

humblet's growth:
She now weighs almost 300 grams and has grown limbs proportionate to the rest of her body. Her organs are mostly formed and functioning. We saw an incredible close up of her spine, it reminded me of Big Foot's mum from this childhood movie. Her eyes were wide open during the check up and her fingers and toes could be clearly seen. 

*sidenote: I'm not quite sure how other couples cry during gynae checks and claim they can tell who the kid looks like. . .it seems more like a scary movie at times. Humblet floating around a dark mass with dark hollows at the eye sockets. O_o

likes / dislikes for food:
Been seriously obsessed with cold drinks, which is not really healthy for mum or baby. Got to let that one go. 
Dislike for fish persists and surprisingly not enjoying chili dips and sauces as much as I used to before I got pregnant.

pregnancy blues:
Started feeling nauseous again this past week which was upsetting. I haven't thrown up in a long while and I certainly hope not to start. But, travelling has been much more bearable. We're so grateful to J.G.'s aunt whose kindly loaned us her car while she's away on business. 

mum to-do list:
We finally did some measurements and made a short trip to ikea to have a look. We're still hoping to get most things (cot, dressing table, stroller) second-hand. But no harm getting ideas I suppose. Most important thing right now is to put up window grills for the house. 

the best part:
We now know humblet is a girl. At least we can start firming up names and clothing type. 

on having a daughter:
I'm still not sure what to feel. I suppose I'm apprehensive and excited all at once. Apprehensive because (with myself as the case study) I do feel daughters are much harder to raise. Excited? Maybe its J.G.'s excitement that is rubbing off on me, he's having so much more conversations with her now he knows its a girl. 

Those who have daughters. . .what has your experience been like?


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