Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby Bumps

that ever growing belly + disappearing waistline

This Thursday is time for another edition of Baby Bumps. I can't believe another four weeks have gone by. My waist is vanishing as quickly as the days. . . I looked at the mirror in horror the other day, definitely starting to resemble a penguin. Hahahaha. But as always, there's something to be thankful for. My precious girlfriend Adele, who generously lent me two bags of baggy clothing for starters. Also all those wonderful birthday wishes and gifts I've received. THANKS PEOPLE~

humblet's growth:
This little girl is now 600 grams and is apparently a little chubby. Considering how she's survived an operation and my insane weight loss in the first trimester. . . chubby is really good news. Also to note, taste buds are fully formed by this point. What she's tasting though, I have no idea.

We saw her clearly doing punches in the womb. No kidding, it was a significant progression of left-left-right-jab and repeat. What sorta warrior am I harbouring in my belly?

likes / dislikes for food:
It's getting harder and harder to have proper meals. I feel full almost all the time. Can't really tell when I ought to eat and when not to. 
On a positive note, no more puking. So although I can't eat huge meals, I can eat three meals a day without throwing up. Fruits have been the mainstay in my diet.
Lately though, like in the past week, I've been waking up dying to drink fresh milk. Where previously I was severely lactose intolerant, my pregnant body has been taking it very well.

pregnancy blues:
I cried a lot watching some drama the other day. Like I mean tissues and all. That almost never happens. 
Could it be a symptom of pregnancy blues? Or too much female hormones? 
We ended up laughing it off when we saw the little island of tears which stained my pillow. 

mum to-do list:
Extremely grateful for the stroller and cot we managed to get. We're still trying to go with second-hand everything as far as possible. But being gifted with a brand new stroller was really nice! It's some epic hydraulic technology thingamajig, can't wait to test it out. Any babies want to volunteer for a test run?

the best part:
Spectacular growth and energy. Websites say you hardly feel them move until your third trimester (for one's first pregnancy) but humblet is in there kicking, stretching, punching almost every hour. I'm totally psyched and grateful.

on having a daughter:
Slowing accepting I'm having a girl. Yes. A girl. 
Beginning to firm up possible names. But refusing the purple / pink thing. She's going to have a green theme, that's final. She can change that when she has a mind of her own. But for now, we're going with gender neutral colours.


Thanks for being with us on the incredible journey. We can't do this alone! 


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