Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gender Reveal

the baby bump at week 20

Thank you for all your well wishes and advice thus far. We are grateful and relieved for a whole army of parents / uncles and aunties who have gone before us. Humblet is so loved, even before birth and we are grateful.

The detailed scan went pretty well. All limbs and vital organs have been sighted and most likely normal. But as usual humblet was squirming like a hedgehog, so the poor doctor had trouble taking clear photographs and documenting measurements. Usually, doctors have issues with kids facing the wrong way. . . but this kid was just twisting and turning the whole scan through.

seen here

As it turns out. . . we are going to have a girl!

Doctor is hesitant to say for sure because humblet was moving so much, but that's the best he could make out. Plus she was also facing her spine to the screen most of the time, a hyperactive shy kid?

What do we think?

Well, one thing's for sure, J.G. is overjoyed!
He says I can't understand, because it's a father-daughter thing. Sure sure.
As for me, perhaps I'll share more in the next installment of baby bumps.


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