Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Piglet turns two

Our blog header designer, Cherie, dropped this in my email the other day giving me a huge shock at work. But it was a pleasant one.

Today is the birthday of a very special little girl who has won over the 'child-hater' in me. No, I'm not talking about humblet, I'm refering to this little lady #shaniagram whom I refer to as 'piglet'.
She turns two today and I wanted to dedicate this precious gif post to her.

Yes she has her own hashtag and there are so many cute photos of her, I couldn't decide, so you can check it out yourself. Here's a tiny back story if you'd like to read -

In the first few months of her being born, we thought our clique was certainly done for. She could wail and scream for extended periods of time (and this could go on for hours). We were doomed, never again were we going to be allowed in cafes / restaurants and the like.

But as she transitioned into her 10th month, everything changed and all this very abruptly. From the whining, squealing ball she transformed into the smiley welcoming child who would even wave at strangers. Mothers who are still stuck in that early phase. . . there is hope in the world!

On her brother's third birthday celebration, she even posed for photos in her knitted alien hat despite the heat of the day. You can find a whole bunch of photos of that on the feed as well.

Nowadays, we only see faint traces of her temperamental baby phase. When you enter her home, she's ready at the living room to greet you by name, she's eager to show you her newest ability; be it fitting a puzzle or cutting up paper. At the dinner table she's very focused on feeding herself and even walks off to bed on her own when its time.

We have no idea what came over her, but we will certainly continue to love and protect her in the many years to come.

We love you mei mei! Blessings on your second birthday! See you on Sunday for your birthday party~

Aunty Amy

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