Saturday, April 25, 2015


cloudy trek around the beautiful Tagallalang Rice Terraces

Travelling together

This would be our fourth / fifth trip overseas together? I was beginning to discover that both us had naturally slipped into a routine for travelling that we did not even discuss beforehand. While J.G. might be very similar to me in travel style, I wouldn’t take this comfort for granted. If you’d like to read, here are some ‘rules’ we loosely abide by when we’re travel -

1. One suitcase

Where possible, we prefer travelling out of one suitcase. Travelling light might be a habit that grew out of my backpacking days, nevertheless there’s no harm in packing less. After all when we travel we do tend to buy new clothing or accessories along the way, so there’s no sense in lugging around a full load.

If you're a chronic shopper, this is a great rule to abide with because it means you have a whole other empty suitcase to fill up!

2. Open wallets

We’re very fortunate to live in a country with a strong currency, nonetheless we make it a point to never stinge whilst travelling (within reasonable means). If we haggle with stall owners or argue the price with the taxi driver, sometimes things get ugly and the whole trip is spoiled.

If we see something we fancy along the way, we quickly ask for its price. There are only really two ways to about it. Either be prepared to pay the full price, so that any discount becomes a blessing. Or steel yourself to walk away completely and forfeit the item.

3. Schedule rest

It’s increasingly common to hear people say they need another holiday to recover from their holiday.

Before we set out, we do simple research. I find the most valuable research to be done with people who have visited the place before, websites may be helpful but they often overload you with information. We then decide, depending on the extensiveness, which are the non-negotiables and those that go on a ‘perhaps’ list.

Within the first half of our trip we try to check off our ‘must-dos’, after which we wind down and rest diligently. Either spending long hours at a cafĂ© or slowly exploring the hotel vicinity on foot.

This time we were grateful to have a private pool in our villa where we could just chill and read undisturbed. Rest is a real discipline and ought to be taken very seriously.

What are some rules you and your partner try to keep while you travel? 


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