Thursday, April 9, 2015

The truth about pregnant brains

Only funny because it's true. Ouch.

Or the lack thereof 

I am positively diseased. Right before writing this post I had just come out of the kitchen holding an empty glass wondering why I had gone into the kitchen in the first place. . .

You can test and see if you are suffering the same disease -

a. Do you write reminders on post-its and forget where you left them?

b. Set an alarm on your phone and forget what it's for when it rings?

c. Wake up super early on a weekend thinking it was a workday?

d. At dinner time, you realise you are completely unable to recall what you had for lunch?

e. Dress up for a dinner date then absent-mindedly leave home wearing slippers? 

Well, if you said yes to more than 3 of the above statements then CONGRATS,
we're stuck in pretty much the same predicament, except you might be just stressed and pregnant. . .

Apparently, gaining a child also means losing your intelligence, they use the term 'pregnancy brains'. The scientific theories point to hormonal changes which then lead to emotional instability - okay this bit I understand, I mean I've come along way from puberty but I still remember the scary things hormonal changes do to you. But then they lump memory lapses in this category as well, that I cannot comprehend.

Most of these journals also mention that it gets worse in your third trimester. What do you mean it gets worse?

I'm not sure what you do for a living, but mine requires me to know hundreds of people by name and recall tens of modules by their folders as well as accompanying features, such as activities, videos and slides. So not looking forward to losing my memory any further.

Here are some ways I'm planning to survive this -

1. Thankfully there is technology to the rescue. Alarms set with reminders! And pop-ups!

2. Google Docs - so everything can be updated live anywhere, not until I find a computer.

3. The husband. Who is lifelong companion cum nanny, 'did you wash your hair today?'

4. Humblet's kicks. Now attaining the green belt level in Taekwondo, forcefully remind me when I'm hungry, when my bladder is full and so on.

5. Daily dose of DHA supplements, which is actually meant for baby brain development? Ah well. I need it NOW, she doesn't.

Did you suffer pregnancy brains? Or are you suffering it now, despite NOT being pregnant?

Still Grateful,

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