Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings

The Supermum Edition

this woman

People tell me you’ll truly appreciate your mother when you become a mother yourself. But what about those who never become mothers (physically that is) this does not we (they) appreciate our mums any less. If you’d like to read, here’s the story of my amazing mother –

My brother had just turned three and I was going on to four years of age when my parents were separated, the years preceding the divorce were definitely tough on my mum, but I have no recollection of those painful years. Instead, I remember learning how to swim, ride a bike and going to Disneyland. This is evidenced by albums of embarrassing toothless smiles and a ginormous Mickey (was it Goofy?) towering over us.

This was a woman who was determined to give us everything a child could ask for and more despite the circumstances she was going through. My mum denied us nothing she thought was best, and she did it at such a high personal cost. Working a full time day job, she also took on a side career which required her to work most nights. As if that weren't enough, this woman even volunteered at a nearby church library one night a week, so that my brother and I could enjoy books and toys in its abundance. Her reasoning was pragmatic like her person – ‘why buy you guys toys and books if you could borrow the newest and latest ones every single week and never get bored?’

Never get bored is an epic understatement. We were far from bored. She prayed hard for us to get in good elementary schools, which both of us did. Beyond that, she never burdened us with her expectations of our academic results, neither did she force us to have tuition. We spent carefree afternoon cycling, running and climbing trees in the neighbourhood while other kids went for endless enrichment classes. It wasn't that she did not care about our school results, her explanation is the best – ‘you’re kids, you’re meant to play what.’

There was however an area she would not compromise – if we were ever caught lying or stealing that would warrant the cane. There was no nonsense when it came to character, no room for excuses or negotiation. She advocated fun and play, but she also wanted to bring up children with the right principles. 

Mother did such an amazing job teachers and friends were always aghast when they found out I was from a single-parent family. Truth is, I would have loved to have her witness me at prize-giving or play at the nationals. But her love in practical action far exceeds anything I could have asked for. 

I might have grown up with one parent, but my family was far from broken.

Happy Mother’s Day again mum. I could buy red roses, durians and bring you to expensive restaurants every week, that would not be enough to make up for all that you've given me. I love you!


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