Monday, May 4, 2015

Motherhood Mondays

My Monday Musing timeslots are fast becoming motherhood Mondays. If time permits, I might do a reflective piece this week. But in view of the ever growing tummy, I finally grit my teeth and did up an inventory.

Here's a preview -

It's a work in progress, but nonetheless it is finally happening.

People who tell me you can totally be prepared for motherhood. . . are NOT mothers. Hence, while I'm not stressing myself out about being fully prepared. I should also not take the highway of laziness.

For those who have been asking me what you can get for baby, let me know if you'd like privy to the above document. I can share it with you and you can decide what to get from the list. 

Either way, I'm grateful to one and all to laugh, cry and burp with humblet and us on this journey.


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