Saturday, May 2, 2015


How much are you willing to spend on an everyday timepiece?

My husband is a twin and I always find the differences between him and his brother very amusing. For the most part, they look alike, they speak alike and enjoy many similar things in life, be it action movies or basketball. But when it comes to $$$ that's where their 'investments' may differ.

One of them is a Luminox type of guy, branded watches, sunglasses and bags. The other is a more Casio kind of dude, simple, practical and down to earth. I'll leave you to guess who's who.

If you'd like to read my take on timepieces -

1. Never leave home without it

On days I forget my watch, I'll annoy others by asking them frequently what the time is. They tell me I should learn to use my phone to keep track of time, but it just doesn't cut it for me. To be honest, I think it's the comfort of having my watch on my wrist rather than knowing what time it is. If you know what I mean?

2. Better than any accessory

Timepieces have become so fashionable they are accessories in their own right. A fanciful diamond studded dainty piece for the occasional fancy dinner party or a weather / shock-proof digital piece for sports and adventure. A different timepiece for every scenario.

3. My take - Casio!

Not that I'm particularly fond of the brand neither am I against expensive timepieces, but it's really a household name for watches, no?

I'll bet most of you started with a Casio in primary school, I know most of my classmates and I did. That black rubber strap digital piece with the blue rim that costed a mere $5 in the nineties.

Since then, other watches have come and gone but I maintain a few simple Casio timepieces for those practical days. It was quite amusing when gold watches were trendy for a season and heaps of teenagers began buying those old school gold strap watches you'd usually see on an uncle under your block.

4. That investment piece

This must be the most expensive timepiece in my collection. It came in a pair for our wedding. In my mother's own words, an expensive watch is an investment piece, you can leave it for your children. She's had her own Tag Heuer from her wedding and it's still in beautiful condition today. I hope my Aquaracer will last three decades (or more). 

So, why not that one investment piece to remember a special day? 

Hope you've had a good rest this long weekend~


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