Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Musings: TIME OUT!

We all need a timeout every now and then.

Last week while getting dressed for work, I tried on five different shirts, all of which failed to fit. Mostly because of my ever burgeoning baby bump. At a last resort I wore a baggy long sleeve shirt that made me feel fat, slack and ugly overall. Staring at the mirror, I found myself tearing up and barely caught myself before breaking down entirely. It’s true that pregnant hormones are insane, but it’s also true that a good cry relieves stress better than retail therapy or stuffing yourself with a pint of ice-cream. 

How do you usually unwind? Here are some of my favourite ways:

1. 'Do not disturb'

Most folks think I'm an extrovert, but closed friends would know I'm actually just a well-rehearsed live wire. Most of the time, I much prefer reading, sleeping or hanging out with myself. 

I mean we are online, on chat mediums, social media almost all the time! Being constantly in conversation leaves this closet introvert tired, annoyed and irritable. So to unwind, I shut down. My phone is put on silent, in desperate times I take out the battery pack entirely and just put up an imaginary do not disturb sign. No internet, no contact, no nothing.

2. Simple pleasures

freshly manicured nails

Not sure why but getting a manicure or cutting my hair gives me real pleasure. Perhaps its the whole service package they provide. From the shoulder massage to the hot tea as well as clean, smooth nails. What's not to love about being pampered? 

3. Go to nature

The beach if you can. Waves immediately calm any anxious soul. I have a friend who went so far as to put up a photo of a beautiful beach at his desk. His escape therapy apparently. Whatever works for the individual I guess!

But if that's too far away, there's always the nearby park of the huge field in front of my house. There's something soothingly therapeutic about walking barefoot on grassy fields, taking in fresh air and standing still in the breeze. 

4. Take a nap

My favourite method, widely accepted (everywhere but Singapore) and hugely backed up by science is taking a nap! 15 minutes or 45 minutes if you can afford it. 

J.G. recently purchased this amazing nap device called the Ostrich Pillow. It is revolutionizing the whole napping scene!! Check it out for yourself~

the Ostrich Pillow

Oh well, it's nine! Bedtime for me. Have a great week ahead friends!


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