Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Musings

I totally missed doing the usual <Saturdays> post due to the packed weekend. But it was a nice kind of busy. A good friend's baby turned a full-month old. The best friend and I headed down to public garden and there was such a huge turnout of local and other independent designers. Manage to get a few steals whilst trying to avoid slamming my baby bump into these makeshift stalls. 

This week, we will be working on organising humblet's nursery. Do you have any must-haves in a baby girls' nursery? Do share your experiences and wise words with us in the comments!

naturally seen on pinterest

For the ever-practical engineer I married, it's storage / shelving / organisation. He has an eye for detail I don't, which I'm extremely grateful for. Where the cot should go and how the drawers ought to be divided etc. He's able to visualise the nursery in a very practical way. The whole drawer putting together was so massive, I wrote a post just for it.

Big picture mummy-to-be just wants minimal, gender neutral and sleep-training friendly. Curtains think enough to block out sunlight check! Also it's in a lovely shade of apple green. Brown hand-me-down cot to match our woody house theme check! Thankfully J.G. also made sure it had adjustable heights and one side that could be lowered.

We weren't too fixated on having to buy a new cot or a new anything for that matter, since all experienced mums said repeatedly how quickly kids outgrow stuff. Outgrow their swaddle cloths, outgrow their newborn sized diapers, outgrow the cot (or rather master climbing out of them) etc.

With the hand-me-downs piling up, plastic bags and boxes littering the nursery, it's time for us to get ourselves organised like this gorgeous little nursery -

neat and nice, more ideas here

Clearly a case of too much inspiration along with too much inertia. Help.
Please share with us how you get organised!

Have a great week ahead~


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