Monday, June 22, 2015

RAWR or the Jurassic World Movie: a Review

Monday Musings: Movie Review

I'm not really a Jurassic World / Jurassic Park type of movie goer as compared to my mum, who watched it on the first night of its opening. But I also do not know any other almost 60-year old whose taste in movies in like hers. Either way, I'm more of a reader. I find movies over-stimulating and a little too in-your-face. But that's a totally different blog post.

Since I did watch Jurassic World and I did come out of it thoughtful, I figured I'd do a little movie review. If you'd like to read -

It's a movie about dinosaurs. That has to be made clear to all critics. I read reviews saying the movie is unrealistic and not epic enough. What exactly do you mean? It's a dinosaur movie!!! How realistic do you expect it to be? Have you seen a real dinosaur? It's like saying a cartoon isn't human-like enough. . . So the dinosaurs were not dinosaur-like?

I sort of liked how they used the whole theme-park thingy again, although the feature of the abandoned Jurassic Park Station Ranger scene was a little too sentimental and cheesy. As much as I loved Jurassic Park, there's no need to dig up the past (literally speaking). Nonetheless, cool rides, high-tech features should always be a part of any movie, since you can do almost anything you want.

My favourite bits (no spoilers) were the few scenes that featured the ginormous Mosasarus. I have a thing for marine animals and marine dinosaurs. Just picturing myself as part of the crowd watching that whole feeding display - that would be so cool. Plus if any animal or dinosaur love wanted 'bigger, better and more ferocious' the vast expense of the ocean would have the answer.

Then there was the whole story line surrounding genetics and mutation with that whole new dinosaur they created. It is a little overused and I do agree there were several overlaps to the ones used in The Amazing Spiderman movie series, but this is the reality of our time. Not solely imagination and quite plausible - be it cloning or regenerative tissues. For those who got the political metaphors (power-play, alpha-male etc.), well and good. For those who saw it as merely a dinosaur-thing, well that's fine too, at least you enjoyed the movie.

Worst part of the movie - I felt that there were too many intentional pull backs for the sake of the sequel. Some scenes were literally screaming, "there'll be a sequel!" Okay, okay I get it.

Best part of the movie for me? The possibility of having Velociraptors as pets. Bring it on!


Hope this post cheered you up from those Monday Blues! Have a great week~


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  1. Great piece amy:) I watched Jurassic World too and really enjoyed the movie. So nostalgic! And yes, completely agree about the sequel bit haha!