Saturday, June 20, 2015


can one have too many pins or rings?

Side note: thank you to all for helping me with suggestions for the nursery. So grateful!

On Accessories

Do you usually wear accessories? Not sure about the younger ladies, but I know for a fact most of my girlfriends wear minimal embellishments. I also know that many of them only wear accessories for instagram shots or very special occasions, then remove them almost immediately after. Our humid and scorching weather does not really make good for wearing jewelry. Either our skin gets harmed in the process or our jewelry die in the humidity.

Yet, can we girls really do without accessories? A whole industry is built upon these trinkets which are meant to enhance our ordinary clothing - bags, time pieces, jewelry and recently even your mobile phone is a fashion statement. I realised even tiny little girls have low shelves set apart for them in huge malls, where they can try on beady necklaces, bracelets and hair tie thingamajigs. Humblet, we are not going there...

Here's a lowdown of my accessory stash -

The discerning eye would note that there are really only two kinds of accessories present - namely pins (or brooches) and rings (mostly from my travels).

I've concluded that I'm a pretty flighty person when it comes to accessories. In one season, where I'm sporting a short bob, its all about hairbands, hairbands and mostly hairbands. Then another phase wear I suddenly becoming a collector of sunglasses. In this phase, I'm pinning everything and anything on my shirts / dresses and blouses. From robots to dinosaurs and even sweet wrappers.

So there's no real fixed category that I'm particularly obsessed about. There are however details that I never leave home without - my wedding band and a pair of diamond studs my mum got me years ago. Apart from these guys, I might throw on some eyeliner or lip balm but that's about it.

Are you an accessory person?

I know friends who never leave home without first putting on stacks of rings.
What are some accessories you never leave home without?

Hope you're resting well this sunny Saturday!


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