Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby Bumps: Week 36

the walking watermelon

Why do we have the misconception that pregnancy is 9 months long when it's really a 40-week long process? Making it more like 10 months, unless humblet decides to emerge this week. Which is apparently totally possible. I'M FREAKING OUT. *In a good way*

As I said in the lastest monday musings post, this edition of baby bumps might well be the very last. And then our lives would be changed forever!

humblet's growth:
This little girl is roughly 44-46cm in length. With a whooping 7.5cm thigh-length (you've got your father to thank) Humblet is now poised, head-down, legs to my ribs, to be delivered whenever the time is right. 

I'm carrying a 2.4kg baby with water bag, placenta etc not included. My body is learning more about centre of gravity than I ever understood in physics class. 

likes / dislikes for food:
Ice cream and anything, everything cold. Might be weather induced and not pregnancy induced but I'm using it as my excuse anyway. I used to really not like ice cream, but this month past I could even have it for breakfast. Not that I did... I'm just saying I could.

Overly tasty foods have been putting me off. Strong seasoning or potent smells make me feel groggy right away. So sticking to fruits, fruits and occasionally ice cream!

Ah! People are advising me to start on a coconut water binge. Fresh coconut water? Will ease the delivery they say. Hmm, we shall see about that.

pregnancy blues:
Just when I thought I was getting used to being pregnant, the reality of being a mother is now hitting me. Just the other day I dreamt that humblet was born and I was a total mess. 

Yes, no matter what people say about women and motherly instincts, I'm still very much afraid of children. Including my own. 

The practice contractions now plague me daily, causing me to really sit and let this reality sink in. Now I know why we're given ten months prior. Its week 36 and still I feel the need for more time. 

mum to-do list:
Washing. Folding. Washing. Folding. Detoxing everything. 

the worst part:
People continue telling me how slim I look when the weighing machine is telling me the cruel truth! ARGH. 

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. 

the best part:
Humblet is coming soon! Behind the whining, complaining and eye-rolling, we are going to see our first child anytime soon and that's exciting. Her kicks when we sing to her or read to her brings us much joy. 

We are so grateful that she is healthy and well. See you soon humblet!


Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend with family and loved ones. We surely are.


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