Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings - Baby Incoming!

Currently deciding whether the weather will hold up enough for me to go for my weekly Monday morning swim. Either way aren’t we grateful for the nightly downpours! It’s been three long scorching months with very sporadic five minute drizzles.

This week we are really going full swing with ‘BABY INCOMING’ preparations. Here are some items that remain on our to-do list:

 Humblet’s real name

The kind elderly folk are concerned I am naming my daughter Humblet for real. Keep calm and wait for the name post.

But yes, I think it’s about time to settle on her name. We settled on her English name quickly enough, but her Chinese name is a little bit tricky. Chinese is a difficult language irrespective of my ethnicity. We want to make sure we’re naming her meaningfully because her name will after all be a legacy we leave behind for her.

 Bath time necessities

As you know, we’ve been flooded with second-hand goodies from so many wonderful parents. Her drawers and our under bed storage is bursting with clothing. Her nursery has two rockers, two music mobiles and a hardy natural wood cot. Additionally, there’s a mass of baby carriers, towels, pamper and milk powder samples.

So much so we were complacent and thought we surely had EVERYTHING a newborn would need. How wrong we were. Thankfully, there’s the checklist for blur new parents. It brought us to the realization we have nothing ready for her bath.

Off we go this week, grateful it’s also the June Sale season overlapping with the biggest Baby Fair of the year. Bath towels, wet wipes, gentle baby-friendly shampoo soap, powder etc. Here we go!


With another human joining the home, we are going to need more space. Albeit a tiny human for starters.

This week will also involve clearing our own stuff. Clothes that no longer fit, home decorations that we will never put up, most breakables so long, farewell!

Looks like a busy week ahead! Not forgetting we’re also going to be setting up my home office station when the furniture arrives. Wow.

Will be putting up Baby Bumps next Monday and who knows that may very well be the LAST edition of Baby Bumps! 

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