Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturdays: Birthday Parties

Twin and J.G. at their Macdonalds party

Today the husband turns 30. I know, they look nothing like 30 and they behave nothing like it either. Matching T-shirts and party hats are very difficult things for me to accept. But if there's anything I've learnt from being friends with the twins for over fifteen years, its that these boys sure know how to enjoy a party.

Are you a big birthday party type person? I thought time ought to come to a standstill once we hit 21, what else was there to celebrate about aging?

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So... the husband (and his twin brother of course) were turning 30 and I knew they would want a gathering of close friends and family. They've had more combined birthday parties than anyone I know, but usually we just do a simple BBQ outside their house.

Maybe its a twin thing, but that's another post for another time. I see how important brotherhood is to them at occasions like these. Made even more precious because they now live apart. As a result, they really wanted to have their 30th celebration together.

Calling up Macdonalds to book the venue was in itself embarrassing. The store manager went, 'so cute' when I mentioned it was for a pair of twins, until I mentioned how old they were - the line practically froze over.

Nonetheless we made it to last night, I wasn't expecting much since it the last time I attended a Macdonalds party, I was 10. But to our surprise the staff were very warm and clearly experienced. They greeted everyone, made special arrangements for the extended family and even went out of their way to host adult friendly minute to win it games.

I was most grateful for their professionalism. They never coerced anyone to play or insist we bought birthday packs. They went about taking food orders discreetly and serving each customer individually. Nearing the end of the stipulated time, they never rushed us but instead allowed us to have extended time with friends and relatives.

Of course, what made their jobs easier was the sporting (childish?) friends who daringly played the games and also wore the crazy party hats spontaneously. I am personally indebted to every one of them for making the whole event free of awkwardness.


Have you had a Macdonalds birthday party?

Here's wishing you a fun-filled weekend!


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