Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturdays: Gifts for Boys

It has been a painful morning of running to and from the toilet. Coupled with missing a very important friend's wedding. This weekend seems like it will be a long one.

Whatever the situation might be, with me, there's always reason for fun and laughter.
The downpour this morning is one good reason to celebrate!

This coming week J.G.'s godson turns one and his nephew turns three. Getting gifts for little humans requires some careful thought, especially when one is buying for boys. Go to any kids section in the departmental store and you will see walls of princess dresses, girls' merchandise and basically pink stuff. But the boy's section is a mere fraction of that.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from around the web -

1. Watches

Although the birthday boys may be a little too young for a timepieces, I still think watches are great gifts for boys. Rather than getting those with a digital display, the analog version helps them get used to reading the time. And if they're too young, an analog face will help them get familiar with numbers as well! But then again, it might just be me and my love for watches.

flik flak

2. Affordable T-shirts

Boys have an incredible ability to get themselves dirty. In their infant, toddler days, perhaps leaving them to run around naked is still acceptable. Past a certain age they'll be deemed as indecent. But to buy designer clothing would be simple impractical. At the end of a day out, you might be left with a brown, grass-stained, food speckled thing that is pretending to be a T-shirt.

Thankfully, Uniqlo has a line of really affordable and comfy graphic tees for kids. Like this one I think my nephew would love, he's in this phase where he can name every type of vehicle in a construction site. Here's a front loader Tee for you Dylan!
uniqlo kids

3. Storybooks

Been reading this one to a really intelligent three-year-old and he can practically recite entire stories from memory. Which boy would not enjoy a fun read like Curious George?
curious george storybooks
4. Washable Markers

To channel the little artist in him and spare your furniture damage at the same time. Make sure they are edible too (you never know)! Crayola even has these washable markers for mirrors and windows which are extra fun!

crayola markers

5. Backpacks

Once they're old enough to walk, they are certainly capable of carrying their own snacks, raincoat, bottles and other essentials. A cute animal backpack might entice them to do so more willingly. The bag below, to be very honest, is what the triplets were carrying earlier on in the Korean Variety <The Return of Superman> I found it so cute on them and loved how they were so practical as well.

littlelife crocodile daysack

A shot of them for the fun of it as well.

What are your go to gifts for young boys?

Hope you're having a restful, durian-filled weekend!



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