Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teaching & Cooking

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Yesterday a young teacher shared this reflection which I found hilarious yet true, sharing it here for all you beginning teachers out there -

A teacher on practicum is like 
a chef in someone else's kitchen. 
You know how to cook, but 
you have no idea where anything is. 

Adding on the fact that in many cases, the 'teaching mentor' attached to train you is instead hovering at the back of the classroom, arms folded, lips pursed whilst giving you to occasional death stare.

Those were the days. I was fortunate to have a fun-loving yet effective mentor whom I'm still learning from today. Hope I wasn't too harsh when I had my own beginning teacher to watch over.

Most importantly, when we beginning teachers finally get our own 'kitchens' may we never forget that the children there are aspiring chefs rather than cutlery, pots or pans. Our choice of words, our actions affect and form them more than we realise. Rather than setting high impossible standards that stress them out and cause them to rust or rot, we ought to allow them room to experiment and discover the world of ingredients out there for themselves. That's the only way they make create their own dishes and not replicate our as if education were a cheap fastfood joint. 

Shared a few thoughts on teaching in this post from awhile back if you'd like to have a read.

The long weekend is almost here friends, press on!


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