Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pregnancy Post: Exercise

Since humblet is taking her own sweet time to arrive, I've been savouring every day, doing all I possibly can in preparation for her arrival. Maternity leave started this week as advised by the gynae; and being the efficient Singaporean I am I had expected humblet to arrive on cue. However, there are no signs at all. For the most part of Monday I sulked, partly because the rain disallowed me from my weekly therapeutic swim and also because there was not even a single squeak from this little girl.

However, one can only sulk for so long. Once I was done with that, many other things had to be done. Reading. Packing. Cleaning etc. The most effective though, was exercise.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been a fitness freak or anywhere close. I just stuff my belly with happy foods and pray hard that my high metabolism will do the rest, thus far it has been good to me. But being pregnant does things to your body you can only experience first-hand (not that you have to).

What I mean is, suddenly your body doesn't feel like yours anymore. I often feel like I'm falling over or knocking things down without even realising it. Lines have appeared in places I've never noticed and my skin just increases exponentially beyond my control. The most troublesome of them all is lying down. . . no scratch that out, the worst is getting up from bed.

In the mornings after a deep sleep I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant (which means I'm meant to roll on my side and use my hands to brace myself and this watermelon of a child off the bed). What I do instead is get up the usual way I do. . . head - neck - back etc. In so doing I often hurt either my neck or my back and the soreness stays with me for the rest of that day.

So now I have a pregnant body survival plan -

post-walk cool down stretch 

1. Stretch!!!

Every morning and every evening for fifteen to twenty minutes - every single joint possible. Even your fingers and toes, poor little guys sore from water retention.

Specifically helpful are stretches that focus on the lower back and the spine, these poor fellas are under so much strain due to all that extra weight. Youtube offers a whole range of prenatal stretching exercises you can do that are safe for mum and baby.

2. Walk. . .

A very brisk walk which involves swinging arms and lifting knees. Yes, I know it sounds very silly, but its not like I can jog normally with a 3kg child in tow. So I do what I can, making sure my arms and thighs get a complete workout while I'm at it.

Also walking in the evenings help soothe insane water retention that may occur to some in their last few weeks of pregnancy. My problem is more of the sensation of pins and needles when I lie on one side for too long. Either way, these walks help get my heart pumping and blood flowing, so I'm tired enough for bed, after a warm bath that is.

3. Climb

Interestingly enough I've found stairs really helpful, so now whenever I have the chance I climb stairs rather than take the lift. Within a reasonable limit of maybe 5-8 floors?

They strengthen the whole lower body for one. More importantly, the back gets a full on workout and it really feels so good somehow. Some people say doing stairs induces labour, so don't do it too early on!

4. Swim~

Weightlessness. What more do I need to say!

Enjoy the long weekend dear friends!
Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!!!


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