Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturdays: Of Cafes & Parks

Smoked Salmon + Waffles Eggs Benedict

Yesterday, Singapore kicked off our four-day weekend in light of our tiny island turning 50! With everyone on holiday, it was difficult to decide where to go. As mentioned above, I meant tiny island as in minuscule. Plus an ever-growing population of migrants amounting to about 6 million humans on a piece of land where you can drive end to end within an hour. 

So, where did we go? What could we possibly do?

Timing is everything

The husband woke up bright and early for a game of basketball with his mates. Being an oppoturnist, I went along for a swim at the same Condominium. No swims at 8 in the morning on a public holiday, so I got to enjoy the (albeit freezing cold) waters to myself, with humblet of course.

Brunch as lunch

On regular days people meet for brunch at 10 or 11ish, but most folk sleep till that time on a holiday. So off we went to the edge of the island, Punggol End, for our lunch (caffeine) fix. 

Initially we were going to try Punggol Settlement, but it's been rather over populated lately with cyclists, skate scooters and the like. In the end, we decided on Whisk & Paddle, a riverside cafe which had both outdoor and indoor seating as well as an impressive play area for children.

latte art + table stone art

It was lovely to say the least. We were seated in less than 10 minutes and got a nice corner table overlooking the river. Hoards of people came at noon to find a snaking queue infront of them, by then we were already enjoying our lattes and taking pictures (like every other Singaporean). 

Definitely going back on a non-holiday, we might even consider cycling there! Lucky for us the park connector downstairs will lead right up to it. Wonderful! 

Dinner in the park

In the evening, it was meet up time with other friends. Once again the whole episode of 'where can we go?' Bearing in mind this party had three children, including a very newish newborn. Meaning baby chairs, strollers and a lot of energy.

The newly revamped Bishan Park was where we ended up. We got there at half past five and found the restaurant pleasantly empty. Heaps of walk-ins were turned away because they were also fully booked on reservations. Thankfully, we decided to eat before enjoying the park.

early dinner at GRUB

GRUB was surprisingly good. Service was pleasant, food was speedy and the double cheeseburger had a generous portion of beef and bacon. We quickly ate because the other diners were really piling up and there were many many families were little humans waiting for a table. 

Park City

Singapore is well-known for its greenery and for good reason. It's one of the few super-populated cities in the world that boasts an equally large amount of trees, plants and beautifully designed parks. 

a random family portrait

Board walks, bridges, lily ponds and benches everywhere. 

Our post-dinner activity was a leisurely stroll. With the little humans speeding around us on their skate scooters. The weather was mighty cool out. And because we had dinner SO EARLY, every one else was at dinner while we enjoyed a quiet walk in the park. 


I hope you're enjoying your long-weekend! Have a great one~

Immensely Grateful,

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