Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kia kia at IKEA

Yesterday was family day. Family day used to mean date nights, but since our little unit turned three, more thought needs to be put into these outings. We brought our tiny human to IKEA of course. What better place to spend a few hours with an infant! Huge stroller friendly isles, giant lifts and very many family friendly options from parking to dining (and a whole host of other kid-friendly things when she becomes a toddler)

This trip set me thinking, what makes IKEA so appealing?

1. Child-friendly

Please refer to the introductory paragraph

2. That familiar smell

Whether you're in Taiwan, America or Japan, IKEA smells like IKEA. For all those olfactory folks out there, you know what I mean. There's a certain comfort and homely warmth that I associate with that particular smell. But even if you furnish your house entirely with their products, I can assure you there's no chance in replicating that smell.

3. S.P.A.C.E

This is a crowded country. People are everywhere! But when you get to IKEA, somehow, despite the crowd, it feels spacious. Wide rows and high ceilings with bright lighting.

Until you come to the checkout counter of course.

4. Meatballs!

Need I say more?

5. Homely hospitality

I've lost count of the number of times I've read IKEA catalogues and thought to myself - I could live in a space like this. Then you get to the store and it's exactly that. Families are having a good time laughing on the sofa or dining table sets. Newly married couples are giggling as they test mattresses. Students are taking selfies at the toy section. And that cute grandpa who is lounging on a deck chair waiting for his wife.

No one get scolded for trying things out. In fact signs everywhere encourage you to do so. This is a great selling point, if you like it, you'll buy it!


Perhaps their furniture isn't premium quality. Self-assembled cupboards and shelves can also be such a pain in the butt. And at peak hour, the lunch / dinner crowd is truly insane. But how many times have we walked around the place thinking, I won't buy anything today and exit the store with our hands full (or maybe having bought one photo frame or a panda?)

I love IKEA. Practical. Affordable and always inspiring.


Here's wishing you a great week ahead! Enjoy yet another public holiday!


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