Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pink, yellow, green and repeat

party favours - fridge magnets!

Yesterday, we celebrated Mya's Full Month, a roller coaster ride for 31 whole days.
I'm not very sure why the Chinese celebrate the full month, but due to social pressure and the love of family gatherings we decided to comply.

Here's the back story -

Mya was born on the 10th of August, that being a public holiday, the entire family came to visit! Anyway, we decided on September the 11th, a convenient Friday evening to celebrate her first month. Coincidentally, it was announced that this date would also be a public holiday, or rather the designated polling day. I think this little girl is on to something, starting her young life with holidays tsk tsk tsk.

Personally though, I hadn't attended many Full Month parties, so I wasn't really sure what to do apart from the usual eat, drink and be merry. So we got ourselves on excel, created a simple guest list and booked a simple function room at our friend's apartment.

On the day itself, I nearly stabbed my eye multiple times in frustration because our tiny human just refused to sleep from the moment she woke up at dawn. We were meant to arrive at the party location by five in the evening and I did not look forward to bringing a cranky, whiny and exhausted child. Adding to that, the worries of her being carted off by hoards of relatives and non-stop intervention by well-meaning aunties. URGH. 

Evening came, we spent a good part of the first hour setting up the photo booth. A photo a day as it turned out. Along with lovely streamers, made by simple cutting crepe paper an inch wide. As well as hilarious props made by my beautiful friend Adele. My all time favourite is the signage that says "我的Mya" (sounds like 妈呀) So we used those and quickly did family shots before the crowd descended upon us.

After which guests started streaming in, very on time thankfully. Dinner began and the carrying relay ensued - grandparents to aunties to distant cousins and so on. The photography, laughter and small talk went on for a couple of hours.

Before we knew it, people started leaving and the food gradually vanished (well not really).
Miraculously, the star of the show remained asleep! And I mean sound asleep. No matter how many handovers and persuasive coo-ings by enthusiastic family members, she remained resolute. Eyes shut, arms folded and very much asleep.

What was I worried for again? I don't even recall.

what mya wore

couple polaroid moment

photobooth madness #cradletograve


It's been a wonderful month long journey being a mum to Mya, thanks to all who are cheering me on in this marathon. Mya is clearly well-loved and we are simply grateful.

Grateful and more grateful,

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