Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturdays: Honestly

sharing a Mother-Daughter moment

Early readers of humblet would know my first response to the news of pending motherhood was a lot less than motherly. Even after humblet was born, these supposedly 'nurturing emotions' did not well up inside of me (as though I was very nearly waiting for it to happen). All this time, I have been rather closed about this side of me, in part for fear of judgmental mothers and non-mothers but more so the illusion I had - if I didn't talk about it, it wasn't real.

Nothing could be a bigger lie.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Musings: The Art of Receiving

pretty gifts in pretty packages

The family received beautiful gifts this weekend past.

A beautiful throw handmade in humblet-themed colours, pastel shades of mint, blue and yellow - totally unplanned! (Definitely using it for humblet's month by month shots) An elegant calligraphy of a quote from this blog by the designer of our blog header. Both in simple yet pretty hand labelled brown packages. And a gorgeous water colour case for my new gadget.

This led me to ponder about the Art of Receiving -

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturdays: Give me some S P A C E

his chair and mine

As you might already know, we are extreme homebodies. We spend nearly all our leisure time in this space we call home. When humblet announced her arrival, with some fanfare no less, we were determined not to allow our haven dissolve into shambles of baby rattles, dirty towels and spare diapers.

Currently the success rate is three out of seven days a week, depending largely on the two month old's pattern for the day. She has some sort of routine, but like all babies, she's unpredictable. I'm told things will only get worst in the home, but for now, here are some things we're trying to hold on to -

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Surviving your In-laws 101

photo credits: yeo kheng ping

An oft brought up topic during girl talk at this stage of my life is that of in-laws. Yes, I’m there. From boy-haters to boy-crushes, from hair to nails, we have progressed (?) to in-laws and children. Yikes.

Point is, there are so many marriages that rock due to disagreements with the other half’s extended family. In fact, one of the main reasons for quarrels to arise in a marriage is none other than mother-in-laws. 

Here are my thoughts on surviving your in-laws –

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Baby Bumps: Sixty Two days of motherhood

two months old


Humblet is two months old to the day. That means I have been a mother for sixty two days now. And you think the upcoming O Levels is the most stressful thing in your life. Hah.

Because I've never been a very child-friendly individual, I started this journey with zero (and I mean zero) experience. Having never carried a newborn, helped to change a dirty diaper or even placed a baby in its stroller, I plunged into this whole journey blindfolded...and I have only myself to blame. 

As a result poor Humblet has - 

a. nearly been dropped (ok maybe dropped)
b. left freezing (who knew swaddle cloths were not warm enough for air conditioned rooms)
c. over heated (did not read that the onesie was made of 60% wool)
d. slept overnight with a soiled diaper
e. vomited / spat / thrown up milk because her mother forgot the part on burping

. . . and many more.

Beyond the mistakes I've made and the gazillion more I will make, this is what Humblet's second month looks like -


She laughs and smiles so much it drives me crazy, I now know what it means when people say you are so happy you feel like your heart could burst! Each time she smiles, my heart leaps. Ridiculous.

Blowing bubbles is also a thing now that she discovered saliva. Time to whip out them tiny bibs. Another grand discovery are her hands, she now tries to grab swinging items during play time. J.G. thinks she's a leftie. (Yes!) We shall see in due time. 

'Ah-woo', 'Gerrr' and 'Ee-yah' are her first words much to her father's disappointment. She says them with strange consistency. Which makes me wonder, which of my words sound like that to her?

The most amazing thing is that she sleeps 7-8hrs a night now. Somehow she's been increasing her sleep an hour every week after her first month and now she's hit nine in the evening to four / five in the morning. How does she know to lengthen her nighttime sleep? 

These and a bazillion other questions plague me as I stare as this little human grow each day in pure amazement. 

Thank you for these two months humblet. You can not imagine how much we love you. We never knew we could love so much either, until you came and taught us how

Immensely grateful,

Friday, October 9, 2015

why cook?

dinner last night 

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I've been posting pictures of home cooked meals recently. A simple soup coupled with a meat / fish dish and a side of greens or eggs. So friends have been asking, why cook?

Apparently humblet serves an a good excuse NOT to cook. But the fact is, whilst caring for humblet is exhausting at times, my diet matters ten times as much now since the only nutrition she receives is through me. In reality however, surprising as it may sound, we have had most of our meals at home even before humblet's arrival.

J.G. and I are homebodies through and through.

Here's why I think home cooking is so important -

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Big little brother

Today my younger brother turns twenty eight.

I shiver at the thought that I could have never had a brother. My parents were not planning on having another child so soon, but by some divine intervention out he came just a mere eighteen months after I was born. Wouldn't trade this dude for the world.

It's not easy being my younger brother. I was (is?) domineering, possessive and extremely jealous as a child. I pushed him, bit him and even 'disciplined' him to whose benefit I know not. Then in my teenage years, I got so busy occupied playing the rebellious daughter I totally neglected him. Now that our relationship has improved and we've grown so much closer, I regret having wasted so much time NOT enjoying time with him. But I look forward to the wonderful years ahead.

Looking back, here are some things about younger brothers that I've come to appreciate -

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturdays: Why do girls wear pink?

Being pregnant was unplanned incident number one, having a girl was unplanned incident number two and the surprises just spiral incrementally each day as I watch tiny humblet grow. At present it is double chin, bubble blowing, arms flailing humblet.

Tomorrow marks the seventh week of her life and coincidentally she will be participating in a Child Dedication Service* Although I'm fully behind the idea, I'm also extremely nervous about her bursting into tears on stage or deciding to poop at the part where we recite our vow to bring this child up in a godly manner. All my fingers crossed.

Despite all my fears, my mum's preoccupation seems to be - what will my granddaughter be wearing? Will you give her a hairband? 

The above photo is the outfit I managed to put together. Yes, it includes a pink cardigan. She was only given a pink cardigan. I have never seen so much pink in my entire life.

*Disclaimer: Helpless mum gives in to pink clothing because she refuses to buy brand new gender neutral ones

A few of my friends with equally tiny daughters squeal with delight and 'decorate' their little girls in pompom skirts, hairbands and matching pink accessories. Friends with little boys envy friends with little girls. (Why?)

For the most part of this stage of humblet's life there will be drooling, vomiting milk, leaking poop which then transits to crawling on the floor, attempts at self feeding and toilet training. I have therefore arbitrarily decided - milk stained (or is it poop?) hand me downs are the only way to go. She can change her mind when she can buy her own clothes.


And for the record, my favourite colour is rainbow. I have no personal vendetta against the colour pink, there are (few and far between) occasions when I wear pastel pink myself. The thing is there are so many beautiful colours to enjoy! Why limit my daughter to one?

p.s. I think she looks best in blue

*Child Dedication Service: Simply put, it is baptism but for babies. No, it does not replace baptism when one receives Christ.