Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturdays: Why do girls wear pink?

Being pregnant was unplanned incident number one, having a girl was unplanned incident number two and the surprises just spiral incrementally each day as I watch tiny humblet grow. At present it is double chin, bubble blowing, arms flailing humblet.

Tomorrow marks the seventh week of her life and coincidentally she will be participating in a Child Dedication Service* Although I'm fully behind the idea, I'm also extremely nervous about her bursting into tears on stage or deciding to poop at the part where we recite our vow to bring this child up in a godly manner. All my fingers crossed.

Despite all my fears, my mum's preoccupation seems to be - what will my granddaughter be wearing? Will you give her a hairband? 

The above photo is the outfit I managed to put together. Yes, it includes a pink cardigan. She was only given a pink cardigan. I have never seen so much pink in my entire life.

*Disclaimer: Helpless mum gives in to pink clothing because she refuses to buy brand new gender neutral ones

A few of my friends with equally tiny daughters squeal with delight and 'decorate' their little girls in pompom skirts, hairbands and matching pink accessories. Friends with little boys envy friends with little girls. (Why?)

For the most part of this stage of humblet's life there will be drooling, vomiting milk, leaking poop which then transits to crawling on the floor, attempts at self feeding and toilet training. I have therefore arbitrarily decided - milk stained (or is it poop?) hand me downs are the only way to go. She can change her mind when she can buy her own clothes.


And for the record, my favourite colour is rainbow. I have no personal vendetta against the colour pink, there are (few and far between) occasions when I wear pastel pink myself. The thing is there are so many beautiful colours to enjoy! Why limit my daughter to one?

p.s. I think she looks best in blue

*Child Dedication Service: Simply put, it is baptism but for babies. No, it does not replace baptism when one receives Christ.

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