Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturdays: Give me some S P A C E

his chair and mine

As you might already know, we are extreme homebodies. We spend nearly all our leisure time in this space we call home. When humblet announced her arrival, with some fanfare no less, we were determined not to allow our haven dissolve into shambles of baby rattles, dirty towels and spare diapers.

Currently the success rate is three out of seven days a week, depending largely on the two month old's pattern for the day. She has some sort of routine, but like all babies, she's unpredictable. I'm told things will only get worst in the home, but for now, here are some things we're trying to hold on to -

1 Humblet's Room

a Mya painting and her birth photo

Placing the baby cot in our room lasted a grand total of two nights. One snorer plus one squirmer, with the addition of one restless (albeit tiny) peanut equals NO SLEEP for any one.

So we (reluctantly) rolled her out to her own room.

As it turned out, it was the best decision ever! It was from that very night she started doing six, then seven and now eight hours a night. He still snores. I still squirm. And she is still restless from about six in the morning. But this sleeping arrangement ensures all three of us actually sleep. Sleep glorious sleep!

2 Our Room

A close friend gave us a very embarrassing "J ❤️ A" car plate thingy which we adhered to the top of our bedroom room when we first moved in. I had forgotten about it until I was carrying little humblet around for the daily house tour.

At first, I cringed whenever I saw it. But this time it struck me how precious that space (our bedroom) had become. Very soon it might be overrun by playmats, baby gym or a crazy toddler(s). But for now, it's where we can retreat to every night. Without crying, animated baby talking or lullaby singing.

3 Weekends

chilling in the living room

The weekends are spent altogether. It's when all three of us share a common space. So the living room is cleared out such that it looks like an actual living room. Whereas on weekdays, it's like baby activity center. Alphabet mats, activity blanket, breastfeeding chair along with an onslaught of towels. Mucus face towel, burp cloth, 'poop-wiper' and the list goes on.

All this is packed away on weekends so we can enjoy family time together. Chilling on the sofa. Packing up the kitchen. Conversation over breakfast and the like.

4 Dinners

Because we are a family, we have dinners together. Enough said. Maybe not, considering the fact many families I know have dinner around the television.

In this house, we talk about our day, laugh about the silly things, rage about the unnecessary things and essentially unwind from the hustle and bustle of work. It's the meal where we transition from work-mode to home-mode.

And yes, humblet joins us of course. We make sure she gets her feed at around five-thirty six. Once she's done, we set up the table and have dinner. Us on our chairs and the tiny human in her car seat. Sure, some evenings she cries throughout the entire meal. But for the most part, she joins us with her half smiles and strange ah-woo words.


Our world has indeed changed since humblet came along, but for now at least we are trying to have a balance between adult and baby spaces. Doing all we can to keep our world the right side up.

Have a slow weekend~


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