Friday, October 9, 2015

why cook?

dinner last night 

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I've been posting pictures of home cooked meals recently. A simple soup coupled with a meat / fish dish and a side of greens or eggs. So friends have been asking, why cook?

Apparently humblet serves an a good excuse NOT to cook. But the fact is, whilst caring for humblet is exhausting at times, my diet matters ten times as much now since the only nutrition she receives is through me. In reality however, surprising as it may sound, we have had most of our meals at home even before humblet's arrival.

J.G. and I are homebodies through and through.

Here's why I think home cooking is so important -

'Date Nights' are overrated

After moving into our own home, we began cooking dinners on our own. Sure, we had several casualties. A salmon steak shriveled up in the oven. Stir-fried vegetables drowning in sauce. Under marinated, tasteless meat. And worse of all - realising we had forgotten to press start on the rice cooker after setting out all the dishes. . .

But the overall experience has been a more than pleasant one. Taking turns to decide what to cook, what to experiment with. Most of all, it slows down the entire dinner process. We talk, we laugh and we play. Even if the whole time we talk about just food, it's worth it.

And now with humblet, who accompanies us in her infant seat, we have dinner dates as a family of three.

Eat Rubbish Rubbish Grow

We decided to have one meal out a week, like a special meal. How special it was indeed!
Our palette had grown accustomed to home cooked meals and we were surprised by how salty / oily and costly meals cost outside. We would end up whispering to one another, 'we could cook this better ourselves' or 'this tiny slab of fish costs fifteen dollars?'

As a result, we went back to having more meals at home. It's your kitchen, so you control how much seasoning, preservatives etc go into your meal.

But of course we indulge in the occasional Macs Breakfast on a weekend and enjoy fancy dinners for our anniversaries. The rarity makes it all the more a treat don't you think?


There's a host of other obvious reasons:
Faster (we actually have to bus out to get to the nearest eatery)
etc. . .

If you want to cook at home but you're worried about the hassle, try out one-dish meals for a start. Fried rice, wanton noodles or baked pasta. Do something singular so you don't have to stress out about so many dishes. The best part about one-dish meals are that the leftovers make great lunches the next day, saving you another meal. Everyone loves leftover mac'n'cheese!

Those who have primary school kids, enjoy the long weekend with your kiddos!


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