Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baby Bumps: The Third Month

The Third Month

*note to self: always take burst shots of a squirmy child and preferably in HDR.

Humblet is another month older, stronger and funnier.

New skills include -

1. Stuffing both hands into her mouth
2. Accidentally grabbing her toes
3. Sticking out her tongue 
4. Laughing at her own reflection
5. Attempting to crawl (more like dry swim)


I'm not too sure what people do with their kids all day everyday, but I spend majority of my time getting amused. Babies are hilarious! 

Just last evening we had friends over for dinner and they have a one year old toddler. There he was lying back drinking from his bottle whilst kicking vigorously now and then. Humblet was blatantly staring at him and taking all of it in, after some observation she proceed to kick abruptly with a very determined look on her face. It totally cracked me up. 

Side note: babies are totally socially awkward aren't they? Staring shamelessly at one another. Hugging or kissing another baby randomly. Or banging into each other's head for no reason. Weirdos.

tummy time expert

Tiny humans have amazing learning capabilities. Just barely a month ago, she needed help to be put on her elbows. Now, the moment I turn her on her belly, she shoves herself into this upright position. And she's been 'practicing' turning by using her head as a weight. I cannot even. . . too funny.

She also sleeps longer than I do throughout the night. I get up in the mornings wondering if she's left the house or something because it's so quiet. But when I check in on her, there she is in her cot, mouth open, hand upraised as if someone scored an incredible goal. 

In other news, she's been drooling what seems to be gallons of saliva since three days ago (early teether? pray no.) She also sucks her hand so loudly during her naps, I wonder how she's even asleep. The most annoying thing? Her nails. I cut them almost twice a week. Ridiculous. They are like nails on steroids. The best time of the day? When we take a short morning nap together at dawn, right before her first morning feed. 


Some random questions I have been asking myself these days include:
1. When is she going to have hair?
2. How much milk can this tummy hold anyway?
3. Where do babies store their massive poops?


Sure, there are tough days of inconsolable crying or vicious biting. But there are always more sunshiny, amusing days of crawling, playing and singing. The love of friends and family make everyday even more colorful and enjoyable.  

Thus, I find myself again in a place of immense gratitude. 


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