Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your First Swim

Dearest Humblet,

As your mum, I feel I should tell you that against the advice of many many people I brought you to swim for the very first time on your hundredth day.

Your father and I had more ordinary plans initially. A cake we thought? Or a family outing to a park somewhere. But alas, an opportunity presented itself and we took it.

I was gently informed you might get chlorine poisoning, or that your skin might break out in rashes. Worst still I was told, babies had extremely thin skin and could get sunburnt even on a cloudy day. Others shared their horror stories of their little ones who caught colds or drank too much pool water and got sick. One even shared how her baby almost drowned. I shuddered at the thought as I packed your little strawberry print hand-me-down swim pants.

As I sat you at the side of the pool, I did try to help you understand that swimming had its many risks. But that I wanted you to have the experience anyway.

'What is this ginormous bathtub I see?'

This is the account of your first swim -

We left you in the care of your uncle and went for a dip first actually... only because you were asleep. Once you woke up, we got you into that little swim pants which proved a tad too big still (as with most of your other hand-me-downs). Never mind that.

After which, we gave you a little orientation i.e. splashing the freezing cold water on your tiny body as a form of preview.

Not sure if you were too sleepy or simply could not be bothered but you were completely calm in the water. A little too quiet in fact. Apart from the tiny shudder you did when you first got into the water, you were passive throughout the rest of the swim that afternoon.

Bob, bob, bob. Float and kick. And repeat.

Although you gave us no good feedback that day, apart from your default frown, we'd like to believe you enjoyed the orientation (especially your frogman father). Rest assured we are definitely bringing you back to the pool! Perhaps next time the swim pants might not look like it's about to float away and you might be more expressive about your take on swimming.

You never fail to surprise us little one.

Grateful for you,

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