Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That (resolution) time of the year

what are you looking at?

The disturbing image above is us attempting to have brunch at a very popular cafe last Saturday, kindly refer to resolution number one for more details.


Do you write New Year resolutions? Why? Why not?

I've been doing them since I got into the practice of journal-ling awhile back. Certainly, many go by unresolved, or even forgotten as the year goes by. But there are still, more than a handful of success stories that I can profess to, and so I resolutely plunge in once again.

After doing them on the last week of every year, it sort of grows on you. So here I am again, pen poised over yet another soon-to-be mangled journal (I journal everywhere. Don't ask.) and prepare to write my resolutions for the new year. In the end, I reckon, even if they don't all get fulfilled, at least I had a good start.

Here are a few I've already decided on -

journal : 2016

1. It's okay

Being a baby-hater is terribly disadvantageous when you have your own.

Grimacing at quarreling siblings at a restaurants. Scowling at the screeching toddler in the train. Or sometimes even glaring at the crying baby in the mall.

My resolution could well be -
Never to let humblet out of the house until she's acceptable in public places

But instead, I'm learning from gracious friends and empathetic mums that 'it's okay'. It's okay to have your baby cry, it's their way of communication. I pooped or I'm hungry or you're sitting on my hand! It's okay to forget a spare diaper, another mum out there remembered. It's okay to feed her in public, most of us were breastfed babies too.

So in the coming year, I shall attempt to get out with humblet more. To malls, to eateries and public spaces in general. Who knows, she might be great with strangers? Or not. Either way, it's okay.

2. Text less. Talk more.

Being a stay-home-and-work mum is my best excuse to go into caveman mode. Never meet anyone, go anywhere or host dinners. The dream life of a closet introvert.

Yet, the truth is, there are people whom I love and sincerely enjoy their company. And so I text them now and then. But I've learnt this past year that a text-conversation can only go that far. You can never get much depth from an emoticon, even with the upgrades.

So! *takes a deep breath* I'm resolving to text less and instead interact with these persons directly. Be it through a simple phone call or having them over for dinner. Let's talk! Let's actually do life together rather than you getting updated through my instagram feed.

3. Bigger Bolder Better

No matter who you are or what your body shape, pregnancy / giving birth does things to your body. Shorts and skirts that used to be easily buckled now fit snugly around the hip area. Some I've donated, without any false hopes of ever buttoning them ever again.

In light of this new body, I found myself becoming more and more self-conscious (yes, even a confident optimist like me) It came to a point where I felt ugly in every and anything. Didn't help that nursing clothing usually comes only in happy clappy colours when my preference is for the monochrome.

Let's shake things up a bit. Slow down with the baggy nursing clothing and choose button down shirts instead. If you really have nothing else but a nursing top left to wear, pair it with a fitted grounded bottom to balance it out.

No time for full face make up? The least you could do for yourself is moisturise and apply sunblock. Always apply sunblock. Add a brush of blusher or lip gloss for a bit of fun.

Bigger yes. But definitely not bitter.


Here's wishing all of you a very happy new year!


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