Saturday, December 24, 2016


The Christmas Post

We can hardly believe it's humblet's second Christmas with us! No more eating gift wrappers and staring enviously at Christmas feasts this year. Our little toddler is walking around demanding to try everything on your plate and taking the initiative to rip open her own presents (before Christmas morning, unfortunately) Last year, she received so many gifts, but she was only so little. So we kept them in their wrappers and let her have gifts all throughout the year instead.

This year, she's slightly older and understands exponentially more. At shopping malls, pointing out the Christmas Trees and swaying her little body to familiar Christmas tunes, clapping occasionally. We thought, we'd let her participate in our family Christmas tradition this year, if you'd like to read more about it -

Monday, December 5, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Taroko National Park

Travelling with a baby wasn’t easy, and it’s certainly tougher now that she’s a toddler, but that does not mean we intend to travel without her. A little more luggage weight, a little less on the itinerary, but a whole lot more laughter and love from the people around us. Humblet points out things we would not have noticed, and she brought us lovely surprises, like seeing the sunrise since she was up at half past five in the morning. Here’s Part One of the Taiwan post, and I must say, it’s a wonderful place to bring your children.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Just after Mya turned one, we noticed a change. She began to sit for longer periods of time and loved to snuggle up in bed before nap times. Read the full story.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Every meal time is an adventure. An adventure involving exploring new tastes, textures and temperatures. As Singaporeans and foodies, we strongly believe in having baby Mya enjoy food of all kinds at every age and at every stage. In addition to the food itself, we love having meals around the table with family and friends, because we've learnt that the deepest conversations often come out of sharing a meal together.

This is a simple post of humblet's food journey thus far, as per the request of several fellow mummy readers. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


For her first birthday, our kind photographer friend came over and snapped some photos of humblet in her home. Playing, walking and lazing around. We saw how she tried to share her toys, laughed for the camera and it was so amusing to see her so enthusiastic about her snacks. Here are a few of our favourite shots.




 We love you baby Mya! May you continue to grow beautifully~


A candid outtake during her one year old shoot

Kind readers of this ordinary blog, as well as many generous friends have told me how I'm a supermum to little humblet. With no false humility, I can assure you that I am not. Here's why -

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Have you received your Mya Thank You card?

We can finally start counting her age in years, well, one year that is. We are thrilled that this chubby bunny has made it to her first birthday, albeit with some knocks on the head; having eaten a questionable amount of paper and stayed in two hospitals. Nonetheless, she's ONE! And that's certainly worth celebrating.
The monthly edition of Baby Bumps will be delayed till Friday after her first year review at the doctors. We interrupt the usual monthly instalment for the ONE YEAR OLD POST.
Rather than tell you about the milestones Mya has achieved, we've shortlisted a few of our favourite memories with her this past year. And indeed, for us as parents, these memories far outweigh any milestones she's reached. We hope that we will continue to orchestrate memorable experiences for her in the years to come. Be it eating sand, chasing falling leaves and following ant trials. . . may we allow her to see the world and learn at her pace, from where she stands and never try to coerce her to view things from our perspective. 
You, dear friends and readers, have the permission to slap us to our senses should we become caught up in the grind of academic pursuits and the meaningless paper chase. But be nice, we're human too.
Here's a round up of our top Mya Memories!

Sunday, July 31, 2016


And we're three!

Apparently, the first two years of married life is supposed to be 'honeymoon' years. You think the world of one another and you go on dates once a week, on average. Then, the third year comes around and it's the same old face in the mornings. She doesn't bother lifting the toilet seat anymore, and he doesn't walk out of the room to fart. That is when things are meant to get a little, shall we say, frustrating.

We just celebrated our Third Wedding Anniversary the Wednesday before last. Here's my take on marriage, the third year. Or as per the blog title, How to Quarrel with your Spouse.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Toothy eyeless smile of this eleventh month old

For some reason this month, there were so many good monthly mark shots I had a hard time deciding which one to put up. Daughters really do give their best smiles to their fathers. Scroll to the end of the post to see the other photos if you like. But for now the month's lowdown -

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Twenty Days.

Twelve Holes.

Two Hospitals.

A rare picture of rest

Humblet hospitalised. The full story below.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Mya meets fake otters

We finally brought little miss humblet to the zoo after months of procrastination and the little hospitalization scare (which I really should blog about soon). Personally a huge fan of the Singapore Zoo, I happily assumed my daughter would enjoy it too but. . .
 Perhaps she will in a few years when she can actually see the animals, or maybe stay awake throughout the animal shows. But for now it seems being fond of animals would be an acquired taste for her, not unlike developing a liking for bitter gourd or blue cheese.
If you like to read the full account of humblet's first visit to the Singapore Zoo, read on -

Saturday, June 18, 2016


humblet and her dad

When I tell people I don't want to have kids, J.G. says this in reply every single time. Brace yourself. It's so embarrassing I often try to cover his mouth before he finishes. 

'If I could be the one getting pregnant and giving birth I would do it, but I can't have babies without you!'

This post is for you J.G. 

Happy Father's Day.  

Friday, June 10, 2016


Humblet turns TEN months old today. But the full blog post will be delayed as we are away till Sunday. 

Till then, here are some random humblet shots you may find amusing - 

Went to Masak Masak at the National Museum for 2016 Children Season. The games were designed for three year olds and up, so Mya found her own fun playing with giant dice nearly as tall as her.

We attended a dinosaur themed party and Mya wore this! Unfortunately, there are no other photos because she was the only one who showed up in anything vaguely dino-like. The birthday boy himself was wearing an insect onesie.

Her first tooth sprouted! Yay for meat! Nay for the cow. Sorry, I'll try to take a better picture.

We also went to the Singapore Art Museum for the Imaginarium Exhibition. I think Mya really liked this one. 

Signing off! I promise the full post when we get back to Singapore! 


Saturday, May 14, 2016


The Nine Month Old

Today (on the 10th of May) in the bus, a lady sitting behind me asked me how many weeks old humblet was. I have no idea, so I just said she turns nine months old today! Weeks go by too haphazardly for a newbie mum and a newbie crawler, but months, we can still deal with.

To mummy readers new to, month by month updates are tagged baby bumps if you'd like to find out about the other months. You can also just click here.

Here is the full month by month update of nine month old humblet if you'd like to read -

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hello from Bangkok!

Appealing to other experienced mums and dads on facebook was my very last minute plan of action after I packed and repacked baby Mya's suitcase five (or maybe more) times. This wouldn't fit and that wouldn't fit. This might be needed, or this and this! It was mad trying to decide.

The good news is, we're home! We survived Bangkok, without breaking our backs or our weight limit. The bad news is, we're probably travelling further the next time. But that's actually good news, depending on how you look at it.

Here's my take on flying / travelling with an infant if you'd like to read -

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The Thirty Year Old

Turning 30 seems to be a significant milestone or so I'm being reminded with each birthday wish. Every person above this age bracket seems a little too happy to welcome me to their club, whilst every one under thirty is gleefully rubbing in how old thirty is. How I feel about turning thirty? Read the full post here.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baby Bumps: The Eighth Month Old

Just about a week ago, an enthusiastic young mum was sharing with me this App you could download that predicts your baby's milestones as they are 'meant' to take place. When they should become sociable, grab toys, stand etc. I told her it was a pretty cool App, and sincerely I do think so.

She saw me just yesterday and asked if I had downloaded it. And I told her I had not. She continued to ask if I had forgotten about it. I told her no, I just had no intention to download it. She looked puzzled and asked me why I wasn't concerned about baby Mya's development. I simply shrugged and stated that as a matter of fact I was and am very concerned.  

Here we are, having done eight months as Mother and Daughter. The full run down of her eighth month is as follows -

Saturday, April 9, 2016


That's a word that has been constantly repeated to me in the last four to five weeks. 

At first, I smiled politely. Then I pretended not to hear them. After the maybe thirty-something time someone said it, I wanted to cover all the mirrors in my house and remove the batteries from my weighing scale.

Breastfeeding was for me a huge question mark. I'm anaemic and underweight to begin with, though neither are severe. But when Baby Mya decided to latch on from her very first hour, we thought we'd give it a shot.

The first three months went by relatively well. A sprinkling of, 'oh my you're back to your original size' or 'you've lost all your pre-pregnancy weight!' 

Then another three passed. And my weight kept falling. Even with supplements, home cooked meals and lots of other in between meals things. And so from slightly underweight, I moved into the underweight zone. 

That was not the only thing that was falling, I realised. I started having emotional meltdowns and found myself starting into space or crying for no apparent reason. My entire spirit had become so deflated much to the surprise of close friends and family. Honestly, this surprised me too.  

Then people started to use that word a lot. People I hadn't seen in months, people who meant well, people who didn't know what I was struggling with and certainly people who didn't realise I was the sole caregiver to my little girl. You look so haggard. Tired. Exhausted. Haggard. Haggard. Haggard. 


But here I am, a day before she turns eight months old. 

Am I still breast feeding? Yes. I don't see any reason not to. 

Am I still struggling? Yes, very much so. Especially on long days when I'm alone with humblet. 

Is it worth it? 
Is what worth it? My daughter is not an investment or a sacrifice. She's my child. 


I may look haggard to you, but I'll try to not look haggard to myself. I may be struggling in this new journey called motherhood, but I have a truckload of experience mummies around me, who love me and who made it through tougher times. 

I may be thinner, but I'm still me. But day by day, as humblet gains weight, gets stronger, so will I. Amy is still here and I am more than well. Well fed. Well taken care of. Well loved. 

Still grateful,
still here, 
still Amy

Saturday, March 19, 2016


chilling in Batam

These past weeks have been extremely trying. Sprouting teeth means we're back to newborn sleepless nights. Solid food means preparation. Cleaning, steaming, blending, freezing, washing and repeat. It also resulted in diarrhea, constipation and a myriad of other tummy things (including lots of loud farts which are hilarious).

So I was grateful to be able to take in the sea breeze, wade into the waters at low tide and spend half the day in the swimming pool. A little retreat to a beach resort with no internet and no tech was really what we needed. It wasn't a popular beach destination, neither did it have spectacular food or entertainment. But the place was practically empty, meaning we had the entire pool and rocky beach to ourselves for the most part.

Turi Beach, Batam, Indonesia

Nongsa Marina, Batam, Indonesia

sunrise from Turi Beach

We were also pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this magnificent sunrise at the adjacent resort during our morning stroll. We took our time, to stroll, to stare and to simply breathe.

the happy traveler

my new cot?

As it turned out, humblet was a sporting little traveler. Making squeaky noises at the other passengers on board the ferry. Chomping down fruits and snacks during meal times. And best of all, actually sleeping early despite not having a bed of her own.

Perhaps this marks the beginning of many tiny trips with the tiny human. Who knows?

Whatever it is, I'm back with a heart full of gratitude.



the seventh month old humblet

Sorry for having vanished the last month or so. It's been a little insane on the work front. The moment I plan to sit and blog, an email comes in or a client calls and it's all a blur from then on.

Yet I'm grateful. Grateful that when I'm so stressed at work, I can take a break and just roll around with humblet and her teething toys. Also grateful that when I'm sick of reading baby story books and pureeing food, I can switch on my brain and go on work mode. It's wonderful to be able to do both, albeit finding myself exhausted on some days.

Between all the work / trainings / meetings / office runs, humblet continues to grow steadily with a little growth spurt at the end of Feb.

Here's the full story if you'd like to read -

Humblet Statistics

Age: Seven Months Old
Length: 69cm
Weight: 7.68kg

Diet: Milk. Pumpkin. Broccoli. Milk. Cereal. Oats. Milk. Frozen apples, pears, blueberries. Milk.

First Words?

Humblet's been demonstrating separation anxiety lately. Whenever I drop her off at infant class in church or over at a friend's place to play with other kids, she wails, screams and stares at the door even after I've left.

We noticed in these moments too, that she's been consistently 'saying', 'emmm' or 'mehhh'. When I turn my back towards her, when I walk out of the room or even when she reaches out to me. We are wondering if it's her way of saying mum. But it's still too early to tell and too short lived to take a video. We shall see.


In the sixth month post, I was sharing how the little energy bar loved standing up. And she still does.
So much so we had to shift the cot to the lowest rung, we could procrastinate no longer the moment she demonstrated how she could go from lying down flat on her back to pulling herself to a standing position by hoisting herself up using the sides. WHAT! It was more panic than celebrating this milestone, because in the very next moment she threw her tiny upper body over the side and her father had to grab her to prevent her from somersaulting onto the floor.

As a result, people keep telling me she's going to be crawling soon. Well. None of that just yet.
Which I'm secretly happy about, since I'd have to start watching her every move once it happens.
I'm also secretly happy that humblet is not sprouting any teeth yet. All breastfeeding mums would probably feel the same way.

Really wanting to finished editing that post on first feeds. May I get that done within this month.

Thank you for those who are still reading humblet despite my little hiatus. I appreciate you!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


six months old

In the midst of this festive season, the little humblet has turned six months old.

No longer over-stimulated by every little thing, she's beginning to have a (albeit tiny) social life. This includes taking swipes at the faces of various human carriers or slamming her face into other tiny humans while attempting to make contact.

I take heart that this social awkwardness will too soon pass.

If you'd like the full update -

Saturday, January 30, 2016


On the way home yesterday, our little family finally decided to take a short break at this new cafe in our neighbourhood.

We weren't expecting much since it looked really sparse, but as it turned out, the experience was more than pleasant. I can assure you, hipster cafes don't always take well to tiny humans entering their 'cool spaces'. Might be the vintage furniture or the breakables, but it might also just be me. 

Here's my attempt at a food review if you'd like to read -

Thursday, January 28, 2016


nap time seriousness

Baby Mya woke up five times last night after a whole day of restless naps, bad feeds and grumpy play times. Part of me blamed myself. I must have done something differently or made bad choices. Another part blamed her, why wasn't she sleeping, eating or even playing for that matter. 

But as she peacefully whimpered down to her nap this morning. These words came to mind, 

His mercies are new every morning.

Thank you for giving both Mya and I a brand new start. Thank you for allowing us to live for you again. 

Thank you for A NEW DAY.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


the frowning baby and her milk bottle + photo bomber

Ever since this whole breastfeeding business begin, I realised that slowly but surely my entire clothes rack was being colonised by only one type of clothing - SHIRTS

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Instagram Woes


So this happened.

About a week ago, I woke up to a dozen or more messages on my phone telling me, in essence, that my Instagram account had been hacked.

Apparently, after I went to bed the night before, my account had been taken over by an unknown person who proceeded to upload photos in my name. It was horrifying to see strange photographs of advertisements for handphone covers in an unknown language on my Instagram feed. In just one night, I had lost my Instagram identity which I had painstakingly curated. Friends who use three or more different apps to edit a photo before posting, you know what I mean right?

I couldn’t control what was being uploaded because the account had been compromised. The user settings had been tampered with such that others could see my feed, but I was logged out of my own account.

I tried everything I knew, changing the log-in details, reporting that I had forgotten my password, and reporting the user to Instagram itself. In the meantime, more and more people were alerting me about the situation, flooding my phone with screenshots of my hijacked account, making me even more anxious. 

Then the ever-phlegmatic J.G. asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks. “What are you so anxious about? It’s only an Instagram account,” he said.

I had no answer. 

Frustrated as I was, I couldn't tell him why I was being so fretful about the whole affair. After all, humblet was happily sleeping in the next room. We had our home and our jobs. My loss was not spectacular in the material sense. So why all the fuss?