Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baby Bumps: The Five Month Old

the pensive five month old

Ten days into the new year and already, we are putting away another bag of clothes humblet can no longer wear. These have either gotten too short, too tight or too thin over time. With every onesie we fold aside, it shocks us how quickly she is growing. Hand-me-downs anyone?

Today not-so-little humblet is five months old. Baby bumps has become a little routine each time the tenth of the month approaches. Not sure how long I can keep up this discipline, but as with my new year's resolutions, as least we had a good start.

Here are the details, if you'd like a read -

Current Statistics

Height / Length: 65cm
Weight: 7.2kg
Head circumference: why does it even matter?

Latest Skills

sitting up?

1. Turning over both ways on both sides (core muscle let's go!)
2. Tummy time looking a lot more like crawling attempts vs dry swimming (c.f. three months)
3. Grabbing everything and shoving them into her mouth (teething? already?!)
4. Tasting first foods...carrots, banana, apple etc.

We're not sure where she is in terms of development, as in compared with other kids her age. A while back, we decided to let her grow and learn at her own pace, so we stopped tracking. As long as she is healthy, cheerful and enjoying the company of others, we think that's already more than we can ask for. Life will be stressful enough when the time comes so we figure we'd let her enjoy (and enjoy her) for as long as we can help it. 

So here we are, about to embark on this adventure called Solid Foods. Humblet continues to amaze us every single day. Showing us her preference for toys. Displaying her social skills with familiar faces. Celebrating her first Christmas and her first New Year.

And in general smiling a lot more...

Or maybe not 

Thanks for coming alongside us on this crazy journey called parenthood. We're imperfect parents and some days can be downright exhausting, but each night we go to bed with humblet soundly sleeping in the next room, our hearts are full of gratitude.


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