Saturday, January 23, 2016


the frowning baby and her milk bottle + photo bomber

Ever since this whole breastfeeding business begin, I realised that slowly but surely my entire clothes rack was being colonised by only one type of clothing - SHIRTS

Button down shirts of all colours and designs have been creeping up on me and filling my top rack. Stripes, polka dots, mandarin collars etc. I practically have one in every possible colour, the staples black(s), grey, white(s) as well as the less popular pastels including purple, green and yellow. Yellow does not go well with my very jaundiced looking Chinese complexion, just saying.

It's not like I'm against nursing tops or anything, they can be so convenient especially in the early days when newborn humblet fed two-hourly. I just can't bring myself to wear the happy colours they come in all most of the time. Read the full grumble here.

Already, carrying a baby in a sling makes you so conspicuous, to be wearing a top that screams NURSING is really damaging for my pride. Not that I'm into fashion and all. But I am definitely inclined towards the smart casual image most, if not all the time.


The community of mums around me are split down the middle. Camp A believes that your life (and wardrobe) after having children is over. No make-up, no dress-up, no style. Frumpy is okay, because you have a kid. Camp B however, feels the exact opposite. Having a child does not mean sacrificing your looks or your life. Full make-up, accessories and manicured nails.

Both sound too tiring. Being washed out makes me feel tired and it scares me that if I dress like an aunty, people might start talking to me like I'm one. You may be sleep-deprived, but I disagree with also having to look sleep-deprived. On the other end of the spectrum, having to draw my eye-liner while watching (the increasingly mobile) humblet on my own sounds a little over-ambitious.

Although, I think I can manage what comes in between. On sleepless nights, I give myself the leeway to strut around in pajamas and sulk until lunch. But on family days and weekends, I try my best to look presentable at least, to myself. Press down my shirt (even if it will get crumpled within minutes) and put on some shiny, happy lip balm.

A simple light blue oxford over a pair of cream coloured shorts immediately makes you look and feel less sloppy. When I have to wear pants, and the shirt becomes a tad too formal, I pin on a quirky brooch to soften the entire look and I'm done. (That being said, I think them quirky brooches are going to be forcefully traded for teething necklaces soon. Monochrome teething necklaces anyone?)


What did you wear when you were nursing? Beside nursing tops that is.

Have a wonderful weekend! We're off to a four-year old birthday party this evening, complete with bouncy castle and hyper children. Can't wait...


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