Saturday, January 30, 2016


On the way home yesterday, our little family finally decided to take a short break at this new cafe in our neighbourhood.

We weren't expecting much since it looked really sparse, but as it turned out, the experience was more than pleasant. I can assure you, hipster cafes don't always take well to tiny humans entering their 'cool spaces'. Might be the vintage furniture or the breakables, but it might also just be me. 

Here's my attempt at a food review if you'd like to read -

There were two labels for food, the Plain Jane Swiss roll and the Not-so-plain Jane Swiss rolls. Cute, but not very helpful. The nice man at the counter helped us out, listing each flavour one-by-one. Thai Milk Tea, Matcha and Earl Grey were the ones that caught my attention.

We decided on the Lemon Yogurt Loaf and a Thai Milk Tea Swiss roll. Together with an Iced Latte for the (not-breastfeeding) Mr and Iced Matcha Latte for me. 

Jane herself came and took our orders. Warmly explaining how food was not available just then and waving hi to little humblet, who coolly ignored the lady boss. I was very grateful for her sincerity and friendliness, it's not the usual too-cool-for-you hipster owners we usually run into.

I'm not a big fan of Swiss rolls (unless they are from here) but the one we had was lovely. Thin sponge packed with a generous amount of Thai Milk Tea cream, which was so tasty and not overly sweet. It was pretty to look at too, maybe that was the deciding factor. 

The lemon loaf was too dry and crumbly for the Mr. But I really like lemon, citrus-flavoured things. Personally, I found it quite refreshing and again, not too sweet. 

Definitely going back to try the other flavoured Swiss rolls. Also promised humblet we would let her ride the rattan rocking horse when she's older. Maybe, their brunch menu would be ready by then. Either way, we've decided we like friendly Jane and her pretty Swiss rolls. Thanks Jane!

If you are in Serangoon and want to get away from jostling with the crowd at NEX, why not try The Plain Jane? 

Enjoy the weekend!


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