Wednesday, February 10, 2016


six months old

In the midst of this festive season, the little humblet has turned six months old.

No longer over-stimulated by every little thing, she's beginning to have a (albeit tiny) social life. This includes taking swipes at the faces of various human carriers or slamming her face into other tiny humans while attempting to make contact.

I take heart that this social awkwardness will too soon pass.

If you'd like the full update -

Humblet Sixth Month Statistics

1. Taken more than a dozen injections now since birth (right thigh. left thigh and repeat)
2. Current weight - 7.295kg (her father is an engineer)
3. Current length (no, still not height) - 67cm
4. Head circumference - I can't remember, but it's 50th percentile

what is this taste?

Humblet Sixth Month Skills

a. Dry swimming upgraded to buttock lifts and awkward knee angles (I must video this)
b. Breast milk now with added punch including fruits for breakfast and vegetable puree for lunch
c. Sitting up is a breeze, now if I can only get her to sit up on her own. . .
d. Grabbing faces (see introductory paragraph)


The weird thing is this obsession she has with standing up.

This I don't understand. The woman can barely sit up straight for more than fifteen minutes and she cannot crawl, but she just wants to stand. She accomplishes this by stretching out her legs after diaper / clothing change and keeping them taut so I can't sit or lie her down. Then when I put her hands on the side of the cot to help her 'stand on her own' she chuckles victoriously.

Dear humblet, let's take on life's challenges one step at a time. As my best friend Liz would have it, why stand when you can sit, why sit even, when you can lie down? Life is too tough to be walking already. Chill.


That's where we are at. Hoping to update the blog with a post on the Chinese New Year festivities. Perhaps when the visiting madness ends and after we all catch up on some sleep (and exercise).

Hope you all had a great time catching up with family, friends and relatives whose children's names you cannot remember!


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