Saturday, March 19, 2016


chilling in Batam

These past weeks have been extremely trying. Sprouting teeth means we're back to newborn sleepless nights. Solid food means preparation. Cleaning, steaming, blending, freezing, washing and repeat. It also resulted in diarrhea, constipation and a myriad of other tummy things (including lots of loud farts which are hilarious).

So I was grateful to be able to take in the sea breeze, wade into the waters at low tide and spend half the day in the swimming pool. A little retreat to a beach resort with no internet and no tech was really what we needed. It wasn't a popular beach destination, neither did it have spectacular food or entertainment. But the place was practically empty, meaning we had the entire pool and rocky beach to ourselves for the most part.

Turi Beach, Batam, Indonesia

Nongsa Marina, Batam, Indonesia

sunrise from Turi Beach

We were also pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this magnificent sunrise at the adjacent resort during our morning stroll. We took our time, to stroll, to stare and to simply breathe.

the happy traveler

my new cot?

As it turned out, humblet was a sporting little traveler. Making squeaky noises at the other passengers on board the ferry. Chomping down fruits and snacks during meal times. And best of all, actually sleeping early despite not having a bed of her own.

Perhaps this marks the beginning of many tiny trips with the tiny human. Who knows?

Whatever it is, I'm back with a heart full of gratitude.



the seventh month old humblet

Sorry for having vanished the last month or so. It's been a little insane on the work front. The moment I plan to sit and blog, an email comes in or a client calls and it's all a blur from then on.

Yet I'm grateful. Grateful that when I'm so stressed at work, I can take a break and just roll around with humblet and her teething toys. Also grateful that when I'm sick of reading baby story books and pureeing food, I can switch on my brain and go on work mode. It's wonderful to be able to do both, albeit finding myself exhausted on some days.

Between all the work / trainings / meetings / office runs, humblet continues to grow steadily with a little growth spurt at the end of Feb.

Here's the full story if you'd like to read -

Humblet Statistics

Age: Seven Months Old
Length: 69cm
Weight: 7.68kg

Diet: Milk. Pumpkin. Broccoli. Milk. Cereal. Oats. Milk. Frozen apples, pears, blueberries. Milk.

First Words?

Humblet's been demonstrating separation anxiety lately. Whenever I drop her off at infant class in church or over at a friend's place to play with other kids, she wails, screams and stares at the door even after I've left.

We noticed in these moments too, that she's been consistently 'saying', 'emmm' or 'mehhh'. When I turn my back towards her, when I walk out of the room or even when she reaches out to me. We are wondering if it's her way of saying mum. But it's still too early to tell and too short lived to take a video. We shall see.


In the sixth month post, I was sharing how the little energy bar loved standing up. And she still does.
So much so we had to shift the cot to the lowest rung, we could procrastinate no longer the moment she demonstrated how she could go from lying down flat on her back to pulling herself to a standing position by hoisting herself up using the sides. WHAT! It was more panic than celebrating this milestone, because in the very next moment she threw her tiny upper body over the side and her father had to grab her to prevent her from somersaulting onto the floor.

As a result, people keep telling me she's going to be crawling soon. Well. None of that just yet.
Which I'm secretly happy about, since I'd have to start watching her every move once it happens.
I'm also secretly happy that humblet is not sprouting any teeth yet. All breastfeeding mums would probably feel the same way.

Really wanting to finished editing that post on first feeds. May I get that done within this month.

Thank you for those who are still reading humblet despite my little hiatus. I appreciate you!