Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baby Bumps: The Eighth Month Old

Just about a week ago, an enthusiastic young mum was sharing with me this App you could download that predicts your baby's milestones as they are 'meant' to take place. When they should become sociable, grab toys, stand etc. I told her it was a pretty cool App, and sincerely I do think so.

She saw me just yesterday and asked if I had downloaded it. And I told her I had not. She continued to ask if I had forgotten about it. I told her no, I just had no intention to download it. She looked puzzled and asked me why I wasn't concerned about baby Mya's development. I simply shrugged and stated that as a matter of fact I was and am very concerned.  

Here we are, having done eight months as Mother and Daughter. The full run down of her eighth month is as follows -

Humblet Statistics - 
Height/Length: ???
Weight: 8kg-ish
Head Circumference: ???

Hahahaha all the ??? is a result of having no trips to the doctor or any jabs this month past. So we have no clue. Even her exact weight is a guess for now. Her next review is in May, so till then ???

Humblet's New Hobbies -
1. Standing Up
Already not surprising but she has levelled up this favourite past time to include climbing on anything and everything to help her stand. 

Despite her tiny body, she manages to hoist herself up on most of our furniture (completely not child friendly) and as a result as earned quite a few bumps in the past two weeks. Serves you right for trying to walk without even being able to stand properly. 

2. Crawling awkwardly
It's too funny to watch, I couldn't keep my hand still for a video. But she has the weird crawl which involves putting her head to the floor and lifting her butt high in the air then thrusting herself forward and repeat. It's truly hilarious. 

I've seen regular crawlers, and I hope my daughter can learn from them. Currently, it's leaving me a stitches every time she 'crawls'.

3. Fake fear of dogs
This is another one we need to get on video. At the moment I only have this photo as evidence -

So she would crawl to a dog or throw her body towards one when we're taking a stroll at the park. But the moment one barks at her, she does a three second lag, makes the above sad face and begins crying. 

I'm pretty sure it's a fake cry. And I'm pretty sure it's a fake fear because five minutes later she wants to go after the dogs again. 


Since a few mummies with littler than humblet babies have asked, here is a simple breakdown of her usual day to day pattern -

Humblet's Schedule - 
1. 7-7:30am - First Feed (Milk - Bread - Fruit)
2. 9:30-10am - First Nap (About 1hr)
3. 11-11:30am - Second Feed (Porridge - Milk)
4. 1:30-2pm - Second Nap (1.5 to 2hrs)
5. 3:30-4pm - Third Feed (Milk - Fruit/Yogurt)
6. 5:30-6pm - Cat Nap (30-40min)
7. 6:30-7pm - Fourth Feed (Dinner with us + milk)
8. 7:30-8pm - Down for the night 
9. 11-11:30pm - Occasional Night Feed (milk) 


As I said at the start of this post, I'm very concerned about humblet's growth and development. That is why I choose not to let myself have false expectations with an App. 

In working with primary schools, some teachers tell me they have problems with slow learners. Slow as compared to what? Compared to fast learners? Who sets the standard and why do we want to impose these standards on our children.

I have no idea how humblet will be categorised in the future. But every single day I see her growing and learning. Shouting at other babies to get their attention. Waving her hands when I try to feed her something she doesn't like. Attempting to open her snack box with her chubby fingers. She's learning and developing, physically, emotionally and socially. I don't need an App to tell me that. I have her right before my eyes! 

May we all learn to love our children by allowing them to be children. 

Never lose your sense of wonder little awkward crawler. Mummy loves you!


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