Saturday, May 14, 2016


The Nine Month Old

Today (on the 10th of May) in the bus, a lady sitting behind me asked me how many weeks old humblet was. I have no idea, so I just said she turns nine months old today! Weeks go by too haphazardly for a newbie mum and a newbie crawler, but months, we can still deal with.

To mummy readers new to, month by month updates are tagged baby bumps if you'd like to find out about the other months. You can also just click here.

Here is the full month by month update of nine month old humblet if you'd like to read -

Based on her nine month review yesterday -

Humblet Stats

Head Circumference: 43cm / 35 percentile (oops, small head)
Height: 71cm / 75 percentile
Weight: 8.6kg / 75 percentile

New Skills

1. Pincer grip - aka the ability to pick up tiny objects without being noticed and stuffing them in her mouth
2. Cruising - moving from furniture to furniture in a highly hazardous manner
3. Mimicking - I cough, you cough repeat 100x
4. Shouting - no explanation needed

We went on a overseas trip for the first time! For the full Bangkok Trip adventure click here.

Sengkang Swimming Complex

We also finally went and bought her a swim top. SHARKS I might add. Love it.

Mya also now loves to smile. Just saying.

Humblet's diet

Staples include: Cereal / Bread / Porridge / Noodles / Pasta

Vegetables include:
pumpkin / sweet potato / potato / yam / squash / corn / carrot
spinach / broccoli / chye sim / sweet pea / cauliflower / asparagus

Meat: fish / does dried ikan bilis and dried scallop count?


And that about sums up her ninth very eventful month. Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. she has no teeth yet. not even a single one sprouting. yippee!

Hope you are having a cosy weekend~


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