Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The Thirty Year Old

Turning 30 seems to be a significant milestone or so I'm being reminded with each birthday wish. Every person above this age bracket seems a little too happy to welcome me to their club, whilst every one under thirty is gleefully rubbing in how old thirty is. How I feel about turning thirty? Read the full post here.

As I celebrate (am celebrating) my thirtieth birthday, here are a few problems I'm facing:

1. Reality

Please tick your age range below -
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30 and above
Why is it that I find myself unable to tick the last box? 
J.G. thinks my subconscious has not had the time to let reality set in. Time and again I find myself ticking the wrong age range, then being nudged into reality by my rude husband. Is the difference of 29 and 30 really so great?

Perhaps not, but he reminds me that being in my thirties will be vastly different from my young adult, liability free twenties' years. 

2. Eyesight Woes

As you can see, I'm now wearing spectacles. I sincerely apologise to everyone I tease about how being short-sighted is a disability. You can laugh at me now.

When I was a kid, I would wear grandma's reading glasses and spin around laughing at the blurry vision it resulted in. Now, I don't have to do anything and it's blurry. And I'm most certainly not laughing.

We first visited the optometrist six months after humblet was born. He said it was too early to tell as it could be post-pregnancy hormones and poor sleep. We left pretty hopeful. But she's nearly nine months old now and my eyesight was no where near improving.

Adjusting to my glasses is one thing. Having an active soon-to-be toddler trying to pry them off my face every other moment is another. She probably thinks the metal contraption on my face is her newest toy. Curious little itchy-hand creatures!

If anyone has tips on how to keep your spectacle safe whilst carrying a baby, please do share?

3. Adulthood
Turning twenty or twenty one is a real party time. You celebrate. They celebrate. Everyone celebrates! 

'Usher in adulthood!' we say as we toast each other on having survived puberty and teenage rebellion. Only because our young adult selves had no idea what adulthood really meant. Home loans. Wedding loans. Marriage woes. Lack of marriage woes. Children. And more children. Etc.

Overly opmistic at twenty.
Overly pessimistic at thirty. 

Then at thirty, people tell me I'm only now really entering adulthood. But these are the same people who expected me to make life-changing 'adult-like' decisions at twenty. What to work as. Who to marry. When to get married etc.

I don't feel ready for adulthood, neither was I geared up for parenthood, nor was I prepared for my terrible teenage years and all the tears and regret it brought along with it. But looking back, I've realised you can never be fully ready for what you do not know. And that's okay. No one enjoys making mistakes or living life with regret. As long as you learnt from them they were worth it.

4. Reminiscing

I find myself saying things like, 'do you remember ten years ago...' or lame clich├ęs like 'how I miss the 1990s'. And then I immediately stop myself. The horror of sounding like my grandma hits me right in the face.

At thirty, I've started to think back on the good ol' days. Cycling. Climbing trees. Travelling alone. Trekking mountains etc.

How frightening.

Why do that when I have a whole life ahead of me to look forward to?

Travelling with baby Mya. Having another kid in time to come, hopefully a boy *fingers crossed*
Going back to work full time and meeting more wonderful students. Learning another language etc.


Amidst all the above issues, I find myself grateful.

How many thirty year olds out there have found their dream job, other half, own a house and have a kid?

I am truly so blessed and utterly grateful.

Thank you for being a part of my thirty years in one way or another. May our paths continue to cross in the next thirty.

Much love and gratitude,

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