Saturday, June 18, 2016


humblet and her dad

When I tell people I don't want to have kids, J.G. says this in reply every single time. Brace yourself. It's so embarrassing I often try to cover his mouth before he finishes. 

'If I could be the one getting pregnant and giving birth I would do it, but I can't have babies without you!'

This post is for you J.G. 

Happy Father's Day.  

sharing a father-daughter moment

Although I did carry her for a week shy of ten months, J.G. definitely gets the credit for most of the parenting. Since I didn't grow up having a dad around, I wasn't sure what I expected from humblet's dad. But whatever that may be, he far exceeds my expectations day after day and continues to surprise Mya and I in the smallest, most significant ways.

For starters, he decided to monopolise bath time. After humblet was born, he was frustrated he could not feed her nor put her to sleep. So he took it upon himself to learn to bathe her and he's been doing so every single day. From the first month of gingerly holding her, to their present noisy sing song splish splashing fun time. 

Then there's this solid food business. Oh, how I hate puréeing, chopping and smelling like fish all day. Worse when she turns her head in rejection or spits out my cooking. Ungrateful child! But I have now lost my right to complain, since her dad claims she likes his cooking betterWhether that's true or not is besides the point. I just can't comprehend how someone who works all day and has meetings at night would set his alarm an hour earlier each morning to make porridge for the baby. Faithfully putting together various permutations and combinations of pumpkin, broccoli, salmon and whatever I buy from the market. Never complaining, instead, always asking excitedly at the end of each day - 'did she eat a lot?'

After all that effort and not receiving a word of thanks. Yes and a resounding yes! She loves your porridge J.G. and she often wants it so quickly I can't feed her fast enough. 

Making her laugh during her hospital stay this week

This past week in particular, this man has really outdone himself. Mya was warded for phlegm in her lungs and had to stay in the hospital for four days. The hospital required that one parent stayed over night with the child. Naturally, I slept on the hospital bed with her. But I simply could not bear to watch her going through the treatment. That was all J.G. Holding her steadily through the suction, nebulizer, and the works. Making her laugh and ensuring she ate full meals. As if doing all these were not enough, he slept over with us in the very small and uncomfortable sofa bed right next to us. It was too lonely at home without family, was his lousy reason.


Trying to put her to sleep even when she rejects you. Disciplining her in love day after day, never lifting a finger or raising your voice. Driving her everywhere. Waking up in the middle of the night to check if she's too cold. And so much more. 

I may not have known what it was like to grow up with a dad, but I'm certainly grateful humblet has you. I'm not sure about other fathers, whether they fare better or worse compared to you. But I wouldn't trade you for the world, because I know that humblet thinks you're the best father any daughter could have. 

All of our love this Father's Day J.G.!

And to all fathers, the world would be a poorer place without your love, protection and commitment to family. Thank you fathers, and happy Father's Day! Hope you will have a great one!


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  1. What a wonderful father! And how lovely a tribute, Ames! Happy Father's Day! xx