Monday, July 4, 2016


Mya meets fake otters

We finally brought little miss humblet to the zoo after months of procrastination and the little hospitalization scare (which I really should blog about soon). Personally a huge fan of the Singapore Zoo, I happily assumed my daughter would enjoy it too but. . .
 Perhaps she will in a few years when she can actually see the animals, or maybe stay awake throughout the animal shows. But for now it seems being fond of animals would be an acquired taste for her, not unlike developing a liking for bitter gourd or blue cheese.
If you like to read the full account of humblet's first visit to the Singapore Zoo, read on -

Father and daughter admiring Omar, the White Tiger

Like kiasu good Singaporeans, we arrived bright and early as the zoo opened to make the most use of our free vouchers. Armed with breakfast, water bottles and a whole bunch of mosquito patches, we thought ourselves rather well-prepared for our little animal adventure.
For the first hour or so, we were all very diligent about carrying her, showing her where the animals were and dumping random facts about the creatures from our primary school visits. We were excited, energetic and roaring to go. The animals on the other hand were mostly restless and hungry. This lonely white tiger was a case in point, he was pacing back and forth the whole time. Intermittently shaking his head in frustration, perhaps he needed his morning coffee.
Inuka and Mya, not drawn to scale
humblet's anxiety about her mum's mental condition
No photography please, no silly animal headbands either.
The weather that morning was wonderful for a trip to the zoo, it's not every morning you get cool breeze and fluffy clouds. No need for umbrellas or sun hats, we continued trudging ahead with the aim to see all the exhibits before the after-lunch crowd came in.
After the forth or fifth enclosure, we stopped trying to lift Mya up on our shoulders, neither did we continue to bog her down with possibly inaccurate animal information. It was not that we got lazy, but that Mya started to show her preference more obviously. She was simply more interested in the likes of
a. screaming, running and playing children
b. Caucasian tourists who tried to get her attention by waving and talking to her
c. flashing cameras in no flash zones
d. the handheld fan attached to her stroller
In the end, humblet fell asleep and we saw the rest of the zoo ourselves. When she woke up, it was time for lunch at the Kidszone. Amused by a whole bus load of kindergarten kids having fast food, and completely envious of the older children splashing around in the water park. That had been the most enthusiasm she had showed all day.
After lunch, it was time to leave. We decided to give it another shot with the goats and miniature horses, since they were much closer and seemed a whole lot friendlier (non-carnivorous) This resulted in a whole lot of tears and protest, when one particular horse decided to give an enthusiastic snort in Mya's face.

Dear Zoo, we are sorry Mya didn't enjoy you this time. Do know that we will be back and who knows, perhaps on our next visit she'll be crying because she wouldn't want us to leave. After all, who doesn't love the zoo?
Have you ever brought your little ones to the zoo? How did they take to it?
Have a great week ahead!





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