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Have you received your Mya Thank You card?

We can finally start counting her age in years, well, one year that is. We are thrilled that this chubby bunny has made it to her first birthday, albeit with some knocks on the head; having eaten a questionable amount of paper and stayed in two hospitals. Nonetheless, she's ONE! And that's certainly worth celebrating.
The monthly edition of Baby Bumps will be delayed till Friday after her first year review at the doctors. We interrupt the usual monthly instalment for the ONE YEAR OLD POST.
Rather than tell you about the milestones Mya has achieved, we've shortlisted a few of our favourite memories with her this past year. And indeed, for us as parents, these memories far outweigh any milestones she's reached. We hope that we will continue to orchestrate memorable experiences for her in the years to come. Be it eating sand, chasing falling leaves and following ant trials. . . may we allow her to see the world and learn at her pace, from where she stands and never try to coerce her to view things from our perspective. 
You, dear friends and readers, have the permission to slap us to our senses should we become caught up in the grind of academic pursuits and the meaningless paper chase. But be nice, we're human too.
Here's a round up of our top Mya Memories!

Earth to humblet
J.G.'s first photo of little humblet, where she earned the nickname peanut. How apt with her very oval head sticking out. Curious eyes taking in the world around her, she surprised us and the nurses, with the doctor himself exclaiming, 'what an alert baby!'
How true it still is today. Straining her head as far out as possible in the car seat to catch another glimpse of the blaring ambulance zooming by. Or arching her back, whilst testing the strength of the baby carrier so she could keep her eyes on a slightly older toddler choosing his books in the library. Better still, stealthily removing every single piece of clothing in our drawers and then climbing in to see if there was anything else.

Her First Month
Look at those scrawny legs, barely a small sack of rice in this photograph. We celebrated her first month in a grand way. Booked a hall, got a caterer and invited heaps of family and friends. She was terribly over stimulated that night and screamed herself hoarse. Yet no guest was to blame, it was their first time seeing her for the most part. They wanted to cuddle, they wanted photos and all that. We were just glad when it was over.
Through that, we learnt our lesson and that helped us to decide not to have a huge party on this first birthday. Sure, she's older and sure, it's a huge milestone to celebrate. But we decided to take our time and go at her pace. Meeting close friends and family our a week. Having nicer meals and even cosier conversations. How wonderful it is to see Mya finally recognising, and even reaching out for, friends and family whom she's grown close to over the past year.
So parties aside, we'd still love to have you over for a meal in our home or if you like a play date with Mya for her first birthday. An extended celebration over squeaky toys, Chinese food and coffee is always welcomed.

Her first swim circa 100th Day
This was definitely a winning moment. Her first time in the pool and she was all relaxed, arms outstretched. We were all so amused and joked about how she could be a mermaid if she had longer hair.
Alas, she's completely the opposite of calm in the water these days. Kicking, screaming and playing. Splashing water everywhere and drinking heaps in our attempts to teach her how to blow bubbles. We just hope she will love the water and be able to swim freely and confidently in time to come.  
If the love for sports could be cultivated through exposure, then we're certainly on the right track. Bringing her to watch basketball downstairs. Cycling. Swimming and more. We are super stoked someone bought her a strider! Although she's too small for now, but we can already imagine her running into pavements and dead ends, squealing excitedly when the time comes.

Not impressed by the Bangkok traffic
At eight months, Mya enjoyed her first family holiday to Bangkok. What a sport she was! Sleeping on the flight both ways. Laughing, playing and waving at the service staff and random street vendors. I love how babies interact with strangers, truly a precious lesson for me, on living a life free from prejudice and language barriers.  
She also showed us how we were anxious for nothing! Worried diapers would run out, worried she'd starve (or get food poisoning) or that she wouldn't be able to sleep at night. None of these even came close to happening. Instead, we are now poised to bring this little traveller around the world, as long as we can afford it. So yes, we decided to save for travel and relinquish our fantasy of ever owning a car. Plus, now that she's one, she can even eat what we eat without us having to lug along a mini rice cooker or a thermos flask everywhere we go. Yay!
First Year photo shoot

Just two weeks ago, we did a simple photo shoot in our home with our good friend cum wedding photographer. The photos will be put up in another post, but it would be a wonderful memory in the years to come. How she was laughing, showing off her toys and crawling around excitedly as if she knew she was being 'watched'. We're not really good at documenting our little miss' milestones or captioning photos, but the memories made through this short photo shoot certainly more than made up for it.


It has been a year of many transitions. And having a child 24/7 is no easy task for someone who doesn't like kids. But to watch her grow - from lifting her head to rolling over. From sitting upright to using every chair as a makeshift walker. I am awed by the Creator and I most definitely love my daughter to the moon and back.

Blessings on your first birthday little humblet! Here's to many more years of fun and laughter! We love you!!!


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