Saturday, December 24, 2016


The Christmas Post

We can hardly believe it's humblet's second Christmas with us! No more eating gift wrappers and staring enviously at Christmas feasts this year. Our little toddler is walking around demanding to try everything on your plate and taking the initiative to rip open her own presents (before Christmas morning, unfortunately) Last year, she received so many gifts, but she was only so little. So we kept them in their wrappers and let her have gifts all throughout the year instead.

This year, she's slightly older and understands exponentially more. At shopping malls, pointing out the Christmas Trees and swaying her little body to familiar Christmas tunes, clapping occasionally. We thought, we'd let her participate in our family Christmas tradition this year, if you'd like to read more about it -

1. Clothing Box

Every year, in December, we'd take out an empty box and fill it up with clothing. It could be clothing we no longer wear, or sadly clothing that no longer fit. This box would then go to another country, another family or at best The Salvation Army, but certainly it would be put to better use then collecting dust in our cupboards and drawers.

This year, we sorted out the clothing that were too tiny for little humblet, labelled these by size and type, and let her help with the sorting. She tried to fit some of these over her head and even got a sweater stuck, much to our amusement. These were then given to either friends who were going to have baby girls or donated to villages via friends and family who were going to these places for relief work etc.

2. Children's Donation

Then we'd select a Children's Society or the like to give a one time donation, specifying that the money ought to be used to getting Christmas gifts for the children. Either new clothing, stationery or books to prepare them for the new school year. This year, we chose an orphanage and we intentionally included in the sum, a portion from humblet's own piggy bank.

Our child is so blessed to be born in such an affluent environment, but many children are not. We chose children, simply because we'd like humblet to remember and show love whom we feel she can best identify with. Those who may be born under different circumstances, but nevertheless growing, learning and playing just like she is.

3. Gift for Gift

Over and above clothing which didn't fit and money which is of no value to little humblet at this point, we wanted to do something more tangible. Something she would hopefully remember and some where she might feel the pinch.

This is where, we explained to her that for every gift she receives and decides to keep, she will have to give away something from her stash of books and toys. We've only done three so far, there'll be more to come on Christmas Day. But for now, we're glad that she's willing and even happy to let her things go. She even waved goodbye to the stuffed animal we were giving away this morning.


These are such small and maybe even insignificant in the bigger scheme of giving. But we hope that these seeds of kindness and generousity will grow in humblet's young life. And that she will always remember, it is far more blessed to give than to receive.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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